Conversations with Kian

Ah the dear boy, when not making me crazy, he makes me laugh.

Today, driving by the Mennonite farms on our way to pick apples and grapes I said "Look, Kian, there's a horse and buggy."
From the backseat, his pensive voice says "Oh...there's a horse with a fly on it?"
Haha! I had to explain what a buggy was, not a bug, but a type of wagon pulled by a horse.

The other day he was searching for the Simpson's crazy bandz we got for Kevin and he couldn't remember what it was called. He remembered it was the shape of a bee man, so he asks "Mommy, where is the....the....bee man...hand ring?" Hand ring, bracelet, same thing.

He has decided on a name for his yet to be created baby sister, and while in the store today he informed me we should get some pink shoes for her. I told him we must at least wait until there is a baby in my belly before buying things for said baby...also that we should talk to daddy about this.

Finn's mommy and daddy dog visit sometimes and they get to things. Boy pays attention like nobody's business, even if you don't think he's within viewing or hearing range. After bedtime prayers the other night, he paused, looked up at the ceiling and says "Finn should not hump his mommy anymore." After failing to stifle any laughter, I told him yes, but dogs will do what dogs do. Oy vey.

Did I mention on this blog, about the time that he told me "I want you to spank me, if you're nice you can spank me, I like spankings." Oh man. I had teased him and told him he'd be in trouble if he hadn't taken off his diaper from nap time. Seriously, where does he get it?

After getting mad at Kevin for something, he points his finger at him and says "Why don't you just go to your mother's house?". Ha classic.

And the new phrase of the week? "I'm pretty sure..." as in "I'm pretty sure you can give me ..." and "I'm pretty sure that skunk is gone now." etc.

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