ok that's enough now!

Where to start? Just make it all stop. The boys were a little sick with that diarrhea bug, I got sick for a day or two then we're finally all better. But nooo, so Wednesday night kevin wakes up at midnight with chills, fever, stomach pain and, yep, diarrhea. So he's got the virus worse than the rest of us, okay. But nooo, can't just be that. Fever climbs and climbs, he's got 103 + for 3 days straight with agonizing stomach pain and constant bathroom issues. Finally, we decide to see if we can take him to urgent care Saturday evening. Nope, it's already closed (I don't' get that, in Rochester urgent care centers are usually open later, whatever).

After begging Kourtney and Jeremy back to stay with the boys, I take him to the ER. For a minute I considered taking him to Strong, our beloved, fast, updated hospital. But, Thompson is 5 minutes away. After a round of tests and CT scan, they say he's got "colitis" inflammation in intestines and colon, possibly viral induced, or making sure it's not Crohn's or ulcerative colitis or blah blah blah. They decide he should stay the night (the morning? since it was 3 am already) and I felt bad but he told me to go home before he even was in a room. They started Cipro antibiotics, had 2 bags of fluid, and pain meds, etc. Thought he'd be home after lunch.

Nope. They royally screw up, in my oh-so-humble opinion, start him on a REGULAR diet, just give fluids and antibiotics. Okay every time the Tylenol wears off his fever shoots to 103 again. He's having diarrhea every hour and you give him a regular diet? Finally I get there in the late afternoon (after 3 hours of sleep mind you) start pushing and asking questions. The nurse calls the doctor (who was supposed to do rounds at 4 or 5 and see him) who then changes his diet back to bland/liquids, and concurs he should stay overnight again to get full 24 hours on IV antibiotics before going home, since the fever keeps spiking. The doctor never comes up. Ugh. No offense, but this is why I had that thought about Strong. Residents and doctors coming in like every hour, faster test results, faster everything. Still waiting on cultures and samples, etc. I don't like that he keeps getting such a fever all the time, that's concerning. His stomach pains are better and he's not so dehydrated. So, we'll see what they say tomorrow....

In the meantime, after having just under 4 hour of sleep, Kian woke up the entire household at 8am. Kourtney and Jeremy stayed for awhile, which was a good thing...because while Karter was napping Finn got in his room and locked himself in, (we thought he was sleeping too) and when we found him, he had pooped all over the boy's room--well tracked it all over. SO we commence the steam cleaning of carpets and dog washing. Seriously? Is this happening? After finally sitting down in our bleary-eyed state, the boys are playing, we watch. And we watch Kian pick up Karter and throw him, yes throw him, into the Sit-N-Spin toy. He gets an almost black eye. Great. Fantastic. we're 3 for 3 now.

Then the tenant calls Kevin and says a pipe is leaking or backing up or something in the dishwasher and washer. So, I have to call one of his clients/friends with their plumbing business to come look at it tomorrow, call the tenant. After Kevin's dad already went to take a look at it. And when Kourtney finally went home (after spending all night here, her and Jeremy, after Jeremy had helped his friend -the electrician-hook up the hot tub in the morning) her puppy has a nasty ear infection. Okay. I get it. When it rains, it pours. It's poured. It can stop now. I've had all the "bad" my year is allotted now, so I am only taking "good" for the remainder of the year. Thanks God, bring on the sunshine!

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