Random rundown

Well, I'm still working on those 500 pictures I just got off my camera. Kian came down with a fever last Sunday and didn't move off the couch for almost 2 days. Then came the diarrhea for a week. Which, honestly I'll take over puking. Then Thursday Karter came down with it and we're still nearing the end of the diarrhea fest for him. Fun times around here. I was sickly this Sunday but not to the extent of the boys; Kourtney and Jeremy were nice enough to come hang out for a couple hours to wrangle kids and dogs since I felt like crap. There's been a lot of sleeping, napping, tv watching, up at nighting, soup eating and doing nothing around here.

I've also been working on redoing the downstairs bathroom here. With Kourtney's help...we're one heck of a demo team! hehe....about the REdoing and improving...that remains to be seen. It was painted orange and then we all thought it was so hideous that I repainted it, after of course, we decided to rip off the paneling on the lower half of the walls. Yeah, demo=good. We're not finished yet. I ripped up the carpet in there today, pad, tack strips, staples and all, because there MAY have been a, um...spill...a bright orange paint spill on the carpet. So, now it will get tiled. Easy enough I think, since the bathroom is all of like 7x3 feet. Or less.

I've been making apple sauce, apple bars, apple pie, grape juice, canning apples, eating grapes and apples til the cows come home ;) and today i strained a bag of grapes by hand to separate the seeds out because I still don't have a food strainer/mill. I'll make the actual pie tomorrow. Next it's onto the pumpkin everything. I might be a glutton (glutton for punishment or just a glutton for all the food I keep getting) and get more to freeze some apple and pumpkin muffins. And yes I prefer getting pie pumpkins and making it myself.

Eating fresh, preparing it all from scratch is rewarding yes, hard yes, but tastes better, just different. Love it. Since moving back here, everything is easier in some ways. I feel less like I have to live up to the suburban soccer mom's perfect pedicured lifestyle. It's homey. It's not flat and boring either like Rochester haha. But, I do miss the ease of getting around, hopping on the expressways and getting everywhere in 15 minutes, having so much to do close by for the kids, etc. I'm having a very difficult time finding things to do with the boys here, well organized things anyways. There's a library story hour. And...the Y groups. But the cost of the Y stuff is kind of crazy. And the town doesn't sponsor or organize or nothing for kids, except in the summer. Straight from the parks and rec guy. Sigh. Oh well, keep on digging.

Kevin shingled a new roof and fixed leaks on the old house with his cousin and our new tenant Saturday. All day Saturday. Like 7-7 Saturday. I took Kian to his first kid's party for his friend Sammy. He was so thrilled about it and he did well, no freak outs or trying to tear the gifts open, behaved well, thankfully. After that we trekked up to Kevin's mother's house to visit and wait for him for dinner and a long ride home.

Now, we're just waiting for the hot tub to finally get hooked up. After 2 no-show electricians, Kevin's giving up and having Papa take a stab at it. We both are wanting that more than the pool right now. We're both tired lately. Kevin's still doing his "gig" as I call it, through November and then he will be done, and I can talk about it. But for now, he doesn't usually get home before 7pm most nights, even 8pm a few nights. It makes for long days for BOTH of us. The boys and I all miss him, for various reasons. Oh well, temporary pain for long-term gain.

And now that I have successfully stayed up way past my bedtime rambling on about nothing, and taking over an hour to type this between editing pictures, catching up on some sites and news...I have no idea where I'm taking it, where it's going and why I am continuing to type. I shall throw one more load of dirty towels in and wash my purple grape hands. Good thing I had Kiara here this afternoon to pinch grape skins for me!

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