Karter baby update

Karter baby, yes we all still call him that and probably will until another baby arrives in this house. Which will be awhile, especially if Kevin has anything to say about it...and he does.

Well, Karter has really come into his own, out of his passiveness and into his own big personality. He usually is still quiet content, more passive and observing, especially when we're out. But, lately watch out! He's becoming intense when he wants to be or needs to be. It's interesting to watch it all develop. He is opposite Kian in many things, including skills he's accomplished at this age, but yet I see some of the same traits. Although, these traits didn't come out in Kian until more recently! I guess he knows he's gotta fight to keep up with big brother and be heard.

Can't reach what he wants? Doesn't like the dog or someone taking his things away? Screeching. Loudly. We get it. He's also been slapping and I am not liking that. Tantrums have occurred since 12 months. Throwing himself on the floor, kicking, crying and throwing anything in his way. Luckily this is a very rare thing, usually when he's overtired and can't have his way or someone messes with him.

He's still a peanut, weighing in at about 19 lbs, and his 12 month clothes are still large on him. Oh well, more use out of them right? But, his small size doesn't stop him. Oh no. He's doing some physical things that Kian did not accomplish until later on. For the last month or so he's been climbing in and out of the bathtub. Kian didn't try that until after 18 months at least. He's been using a spoon and fork, pretty well, since just after his birthday. That is impressive to me, as most kids, and yes Kian didn't even want to attempt it until 18 mos. His fine and gross motor skills are ahead of Kian's for sure but his language is not. It's very interesting to see the differences, and not just to compare, but to see how different 2 boys from the same parents can be. Kian was more verbal at this age. Karter is verbal but not necessarily with words yet. He does say some--Hot being his favorite (even for cold or dangerous/yucky things) mama, dada, kitty, doggy, sheep, woof woof, all done, yuck, up, something that's for fish, rocky, hi, bye, and a kee or gee for Kian, cup, cracker, eat, book, and so on.

Favorite toys? Whatever Kian plays with. I put away a lot of baby/toddler toys already because he just doesn't play with them anymore. Cars and trucks are his favorite right now. He loves books. And music. Any kind, anywhere, all of it. He puts his little pointer fingers out and looks like a little conductor whenever he hears any music, or even the bass of a car driving by. And rocks, don't forget rock and sticks. Such a boy.

Eating however, is still hit or miss. He's got his favorite--crackers, bananas, apples, pb&j sandwiches, and beans-any and all types of beans, especially black or refried. He likes chicken and ground beef. But, I'm afraid he will be pickier than Kian, but I still keep introducing and giving him whatever we have and all the veggies and fruits. Some he chews then spits out. Boy is good at chewing apples then only spitting out the skins. Impressive. I'm not so worried about the weight and eating, he'll get there and if he never gets chubby he'll never be obese right? No worries.

Karter is still very much the baby and he lets us know it. He is the best snuggler in the world. After adventuring out on his own, he always come back for some hugs and thumb sucking on our laps. He doesn't like to sleep alone, or gets cold and needs to snuggle with us. Really, in the scheme of things, spending some time in our bed is the least of our worries and co-sleeping is making a comeback right? For us, it's about whatever gets us all the most amount of sleep. And for this very affectionate, sensitive at times, emotional baby turned toddler, we'll help him come along until he's ready on his own. He doesn't really ever leave me so he's very attached, or maybe he's very attached so I don't ever leave him much. Probably the latter. Maybe because Kian was in daycare for awhile by the same age, or just different personalities. It's a balance between helping him be comfortable with other people, and not causing great upset and torment. He's definitely easily upset. I think he'll outgrow that eventually. Leaving him in the church nursery is being done in baby steps. I have started leaving him the last half hour. The first time he was in shaking sobs by the time I got to him. This Sunday he had some tears but not sobs when I came back. He will not go to someone he hasn't seen lately or doesn't know. Kian was definitely more social. Sometimes I enjoy that, sometimes not!

Both of my boys march to the beat of their own drum. Karter is sometimes a follower of Kian, sometimes he really just wants to do his own thing. It's such an interesting dynamic. But, we wouldn't have it any other way. Karter brings a lot of joy and we are definitely blessed.

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