My big boy's update

Can't forget my Kian boy. Lately him and I are either best friends or...well let's just say it ain't pretty. How these kids can be so much like me and Kevin at the same time? Incredible. And when they show our worst features all at once? Eek, look out. Really, Kian's a sweet boy, who knows so much and wants to know much more. He is the first to tease Karter and the first to defend and protect him. It's ironically sweet. He definitely knows which buttons to push to get us and how to try to smooth it over.

The kid's strong point has always been his language. He has a knack for using big words and using them correctly. He remembers everything and i mean everything we say (and do) and it will come out later, especially if you didn't want him to hear it. He will try to talk his way out of anything, explaining and promising, to get out of a consequence after a bad behavior act. But, it also means he wants to know everything, asks a million questions and how and why and where and when about everything in this world. It's great, but sometimes I do ask him if his mouth ever just closes for a few seconds? It doesn't, in case you wondered, unless he's sleeping and even then he's been heard to talk in his sleep. His questions and thoughts are deep and stretch me at times. Kian's always asking about God, heaven, if God can play toys with him, that he wants God in our house, and so many more philosophical things, leaving me grasping at straws sometimes with his longing for tangible answers. He really wants to know how things work and why and he doesn't settle for cotton candy answers. I love that about him, even though it makes me work hard to get him that answer.

Dinosaurs are his "thing" right now. And animals in general, but especially zoo type, ones we don't have around here. He loves carrying around these huge wildlife facts books we had as kids and telling me what lions eat, where this bird lives, etc. Kourtney gave us a Zoo tycoon game and him and I spend (too much) time playing it and learning which animals need which habitats and what they eat, and so on. He's good a picking out which animals we should have in our zoos and where they should be and who they should be next too. And arts and crafts are another favorite. He's very creative with how he does things and what he wants to do.

His motor skills are where they should be, but it's not like a baby where you can track progress each month. He can ride a trike, jumps everywhere, loves throwing the balls and frisbees for the dogs. He also is very independent in his -I get stuck in Early Intervention/work mode and want to say "self-help" skills or daily living skills- and can pour himself a drink from the carton of juice or milk. He's a great help (or tries to be) when we cook. As long as he doesn't try to improve the recipe like he did tonight, by dumping a ton of black pepper in the biscuit mix. Spicy! He sets the table and clears plates. He helps Karter get a drink or gives him food. He not only dresses and undresses himself (and has for a long time) but helps Karter as well. (Even though Karter has been undressing himself for awhile too.) He is beginning to "write" some letters. They're still very "neanderthal" but my mom could make out the "MEMA" on her card last month. Love this constant change and learning.

Today he told me Karter is his "best pal", and so is the big toad that lives in the garden outside our kitchen. I think that's sweet, but also that I need to get him around more kids. (Girls-he did say Tyler and Sammy are his friends too, whew!) He definitely struggles with wanting to be a baby like Karter, and wanting me to do everything for him, and being independent and doing it all on his own and being a "big boy". If we say little boy he corrects us, it's big boy. Somedays I just go with it, and somedays we talk about it and the pros and cons of each. I am signing him up for a group at the Y. It's only one hour a week, but it's without parents for 3-4 year olds, just a theme, letter, song, art thing. I think it will be good for him. He's more social than I expected I guess-Karter is the shy, homebody like me I suppose. And since he was in daycare the majority of his life, up until 6 months ago, it's what he was used to, perhaps.

I love this boy, even sometimes when we're at odds and I don't always seem to "like" him at that moment. He's a great helper, a confident go-getter, unlike his parents he's pretty decisive, loves to be our shadow, and likes to push the envelope, persevering. These traits, when directed properly are going to take him far in life.

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