Merry Merry Merry!

We're so excited. This house is bustling with Christmas activity and we are loving it. Kian's figured out Christmas and gifts and he's over the moon. Trying to reign in the receiving part, can be tricky. But, seeing the boys' excitement is making me so excited.

The last couple years of holidays have been...transitional. So, this feels good. I'm not worrying about anything (except if my cinnamon rolls are going to rise right, or I remember to turn the oven on) just enjoying things.

Well, enjoying as much as I can being the hostess on Christmas day, bringing lots of goodies and food for Christmas Eve, another family party for the in-laws on the 26th, more food to bring, being the sole shopper and wrapper...uhh yeah but that's another story.

I'm a bit sad that the 26th won't be our usual, annual, stay at home together, do nothing, hang out with Jon day. Boo! Feels like a lot of running around crammed together! But, I'll take it.

Of course everyone likes getting gifts, but this year I haven't even really thought about myself, thinking of a list for Kevin was hard enough, because it's just so fun watching the kids and getting things for them and making things with them and just being and doing and discovering Christmas all over again!

Enjoy a blessed Christmas Day!

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