Conversations with Kian

We woke up all snuggled together, the boys and I. He rolled over, looked at the clock and said "It's 7-3-0". I told him, yes it was 7:30.

He sits up, and says "I want a number bed."

"Well, they don't make number beds" I say.

"Yes they do, the tv said they do."

I asked him, "you mean a bed shaped like a number?"

"No, it's square, rectangle, a bed, a number bed."

Ahh, I think I got it now. Who hasn't seen the infomercials for the sleep number beds?

"Well, that's the numbers for how hard or soft the mattress is, like for people with bad backs." I tell him.

Reaching around, grabbing his back he says, "I have a bad back, I need a number bed!"

Well, son wait until you're 80 okay?

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