Another bunch of random updates, from the house of random.

Karter's pediatrician called me yesterday afternoon to give me the results of all the blood work. He said that everything (cystic fibrosis, thyroid, iron, celiac's disease) all came out negative. The allergies (soy, wheat, peanut, corn, etc.) were fine, at zero. However, Karter came out with a Level 2 egg allergy! We were not expecting that at all! I said that is one of his favorite foods! Ugh. Level 2 means that it's mild, and in baked goods, etc should not bother him, but he said we might want to avoid scrambled eggs directly, or watch closely how it might bother him. Great. You mean after he had it twice on Sunday (some breakfast and finished them for lunch?) Wonderful. Also, this means he isn't allergic to these foods; however it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't have a sensitivity towards these foods. And if there is a sensitivity to certain foods it still can mean reflux, or cause reflux to worsen if he does have it. So we keep our appointment on January 7th (the earliest we could get in) at Strong for the gastric emptying study. Fun. Also, I am still supposed to bring a nice poopy diaper to the office for testing...easier said than done when I'm down here...blah! So he said he's probably just small, because he's just small...but if it's reflux, we'll give him meds and that will definitely help.

I have been watching his language a bit, and it's probably more comparison to Kian's overzealous language bursts by 15 months, that makes me watch. Kian had at least 30 words (word approximations) at his 15 month appointment. Karter had about 10. Also some words he had said before, he doesn't always say again. Then, this week he's added some new words (tree, uh oh, night night) and his other words have become clearer--cookie is very clear! And I try to remember that all my kids can't be above average in their speech. ;) Karter excels in other areas--he's used a spoon and fork properly since 12 months, he climbs on everything, and jumps off the step stool. He, since around his birthday, refuses to brush his teeth unless we put toothpaste on it, and points to it. His fine motor and even gross motor skills are seemingly better than Kian's at this age, so I tell myself to chill out and just see what happens.

In other news...Kian...delightful, yet challenging... The kid, is just too smart. Like, he knows how to (tries) outsmart us. Kevin has a bad habit of calling the dog an idiot. Well, that means Kian now says that word, well tried to, but got in trouble for it. However, he thinks that if he says "dogiot" or "catiot" it's not the same as idiot and he'll get away with it. Same with stupid becoming "poopid". Wrong bucko! I'm on to ya.

Kevin brought all his old legos here from his mom's house and we were going to put them away until the boys were bigger. Well, Kian wouldn't let that happen. So, he's been playing with them non-stop. Literally, hours each day. I have to make him put them away to do other things. It's great for him and for me when I can get a few minutes to do things without putting the tv on. He is really creative with them. I didn't think he'd be able to do a lot with them, or just build towers. Nope, he's got super long trucks with 20 wheels, castles, pirate ships, airplanes and boats. It's neat to watch and see what he comes up with. They must stay on the table so Karter and the dog don't get them though. Kevin enjoys it as much as Kian does. Karter has got his hands on some and actually does well with them too, not in his mouth and likes to "build" things and play with the guys.

Kian's into spelling everything and telling me what things say. He's also into telling what presents we bought for people. Luckily he doesn't exactly know what they are...told Kevin we got him a scary movie. Okay, you think that ;) Crafts are still high on the list, so we did some dough ornaments this weekend. They came out great, and we painted them and we'll give a few as gifts. However, I feel like they might break, like more than they should feel that way...if that makes sense? Like, I thought I'd be able to mail some, but now I don't trust it. Who wants to get a broken dough ornament in the mail? Exactly. And on Sunday, it will be exactly one year since Kian had his first and only ever, real haircut. !! He wants it longer, I don't really care what he does with it, as long as he keeps it out of his face. It's about to that point where it's not anymore. First Kevin said let it go, now he thinks we should cut it. We shall see. The first time ever last week he got called a girl. Karter has a few times too, mostly because he's bald with a few curls in the back, I guess. If they can't tell my boys in blues and trucks and camo are boys, eh that's their problem.

Onto our daily randomness...cookie baking starts now!

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Don't compare them--each is unique in his own way