Did I mention....

that Kian "gave" Karter what looks like second degree burns on his finger? Oh yes. The bad thing about this house being big and not totally open is that I cannot see what goes on if I am upstairs or in the laundry room, etc. for a few moments. Kian got out my glue gun (didn't think he could reach it without a chair in the hallway shelf) plugged the sucker in on the kitchen floor. Yep. I hear crying and he says "Karter got burned on your glue gun". What?

I ran cold water over it for a few minutes as he'd let me. The glue gun didn't feel all that hot, and I didn't see any marks. Fast forward to a couple days later, as I am washing Karter's hands after lunch I see a big bubble, and it's half popped. Ugh. Poor kid. Perhaps he actually got some glue on it, as that would cause more burns than the not-too-hot gun. So for the last week we've been attempting to put creams and bandaids on, easier said than done on a one year old. He pulls them off, bites them off, sucks on them. Gross. I finally took to 2 bandaids and taping it around both fingers, he kept that on for a few days. It looks like it's healing, skin peeling, red underneath, but i just want to make sure it doesn't get infected. Fun times with kids. And it's not that I'm not paying attention (as I type this Karter is still sleeping and Kian is right there playing legos) it's partly because Kian is too smart and independent about things and partly because...boys will be boys right?

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