Tricks and tweaks for Karter

As I'm beginning to type this, I am waiting for the doctor's office to return my call about the gastric emptying test Karter had last Friday. There are a few things we've been trying out and trying to get done or get over in the last few weeks: more solid sleep at night (maybe less during the day), improved eating, removing eggs, etc. Some days it seems to work, other days, not.

Sleeping through the night: I admit, I really just would like to sleep more than 3-4 hours in a row. Like, 6 would be nice. And it's not like he even wakes up quietly or nicely, which I could deal with better, I think. He wakes up and yells. If he's in our bed, he kicks and rolls around and has a particular side and way he wants to lay next to me and gets mad if I move. Can't win. And no, we can't cry it out--he shares a room with Kian, and I don't want to, and he's not the kind of kid who would even do that--okay sure if I wanted to let him scream for 12 hours straight. Anyways, we were hitting some longer stretches and no eating during the night and I was feeling like we were on a good path, but there's always snags. Of course, I started watching a couple kids for a couple weeks so, I changed his routine again. He's sensitive to that sort of thing. But, amazingly flexible about other things.

Removing eggs: We got the allergy test results few weeks before Christmas and it surprised us with the allergy to eggs. The doctor told us the results were "mild-moderate" and that straight eggs would probably be best to stay away from, but in baked goods would probably be fine. Just before Christmas I had also introduced some organic whole milk as it seemed dairy issues were diminishing. But, of course, why would we not get a stomach bug the week before the holiday? We all got over it in a day or 2, but Karter's diarrhea lasted for just over 2 weeks. Ugh. Kevin finally said to me "Stop. Just stop. Stop the milk. Stop the eggs. Don't give him the things we think might be bothering him." So, I did. No eggs, no mayo, no eggs in other foods, no milk, no yogurt, nothing. And, lo and behold, the diarrhea stopped within 2 days. AND, to top it off, since stopping the eggs, it's been a week and a half, Karter's appetite has improved immensely! He's been eating like crazy, not a huge first-thing-in-the-morning eater, but asks to eat all day long. I give him what he wants and them some. It's a huge struggle but I've been able to turn down more fruit and give him -sigh-potato chips haha.

Another thing with the weight, is that, Kevin's side is thin. His father's side is very tall and thin. Kevin has a high metabolism and has a hard time keeping weight on. Also, it's what we eat. We don't do processed foods hardly. Lunches are lean meats, veggies and fruits. Sometimes it's just hummus and veggies and pita chips (hummus being beans) or guacamole with tortillas and more veggies. We do pizza like once a week, or eat out maybe once a week, but even then, it's not overly fried, fatty foods. We're just healthy eaters, and the foods Karter loves (bananas, apples, beans, etc.) aren't foods that are going to put weight on him, except the peanut butter.

Okay, doctor just called back. Karter's emptying was slightly delayed. Not a lot he said, but it showed up a little. I don't remember the numbers. Also, he did show some reflux. Now, to be fair I gave him yogurt for the test. Perhaps it was the dairy, perhaps it's the reflux. Perhaps, it's both. We agreed to try the reflux meds again and when we meet for his 18 month check up in March we'll assess how it's going. I think this, combined with the egg free and minimal dairy diet, will really help. Well, I'm hoping it will really help. This guy needs some weight on him and to get taller. So, that is that for this week...we'll see what happens once he's back on the reflux meds.

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