Chasey Dog and A preschooler's lesson in untimely death

We lost Chase (we meaning Kourtney and Jeremy, but Finn and us are going to miss him immensely!) last night. We're all sad. He got hit by a car and was gone right away. He was a good listener, especially when Finn wasn't/isn't! Finn is going to miss him tons because no one else will play with him the way Chase did. I'll miss him licking my hands all the time. Finn was looking for him today when they came in the door. Chase was always right behind Kourtney to come tackle Finn-or maybe it was Finn tackling Chase?

And then there's the part about explaining it to Kian. Karter might notice he's not around anymore, but obviously way too young to get it. I tossed and turned all night, feeling terrible about Chase, and for Kourt and Jeremy, and thinking of how to tell Kian. Do I just wait? Wait until he starts noticing that Chase hasn't come over in awhile? Asks for him? But, he'll probably notice that Kourtney and Jeremy are upset... Do I tell him right away? How? What do I say? Do I explain about the getting hit by a car? Do I just...what?

So, after 3 hours of sleep last night (for me), at 7 am sharp, Kian climbs in our bed, like every morning, stating "it's 7 o'clock, time to get up!" I snuggled him in next to me and just winged it. Told him I had something to tell him, something sad. I told him that Chase got hit by a car last night, and was not alive anymore and we were sad about that. Then I just let him ask the questions of how and why, etc. First, he thought that we could "get Chase new skin to be alive again". Mostly, he's very sad for Finn to not have his brother anymore. In away, I'm glad, because I hope that means he understands the 'brother-ship' (is that my new word? relationship with your brother) and has it with Karter too. Again at bedtime we prayed for NeeNee and Jeremy and the dogs to not be so sad. I had to explain what death meant all over again. He wanted to get Chase new eyes and bones...sigh. I wish it were that easy for animals as well as people.

Some people don't believe that animals go to heaven. Some say the Bible is clearly against that, some say it's clearly for it. For us, we believe animals do go to heaven. Some say that animals don't have souls and therefore will never go to heaven. I'll tell you why I believe they will be there. 1. God created all these beautiful animals and placed them in the garden of Eden with Adam, and he was to take care of them and live with them. He did so peacefully until he sinned, that's when animals and humans became enemies (some of them?). 2. How does a human decide what a God-given soul is? Maybe God gave animals different souls and spirits than humans, but that doesn't mean they don't have any, and it doesn't mean they can't go to heaven. 3. Heaven is the most wonderful place beyond our wildest, greatest imaginations. We can never dream or conceive of how amazing and beautiful heaven will be. It says that we will never have any wants or needs in heaven. I fully believe that means having our pets and other animals there too, because if they weren't, couldn't we "want" or "need" them? And if heaven is more fulfilling than we can comprehend, that would include animals too. And what about the 'lion laying down with the lamb'?

So, we discussed that Chase's body got broken and he couldn't live anymore, but his spirit went up to heaven with God. Then we discussed how we could see him someday when we're really old and die and go to heaven. Then, Kian told me he wanted to talk to God. I told him he could, anytime. He wanted God to be down here to talk to him. I tried to use the analogy that sometimes mommy is in the kitchen and you're in the living room, and you talk to me, but you can't see me, that's how it is talking to God. I don't know how much he understood that. He usually processes for a couple hours or days and then we discuss it again. led to a discussion about why we have to be very safe and cautious around the road, parking lots and cars.

Some of you are saying "it's a dog". But, the animal lovers like us, get it. And death, no matter what or when or how, gives you pause to view your life and everyone in it. It makes you hug a little tighter, a little longer, speak a little kinder...realizing it only takes an instant to be gone forever.

Lessons, lessons, lessons--life is just one lesson after another. Some happy, some sad. Some good, some bad. Big, small, we just need to see what it's teaching us and make use of it...

Sanctus Real-Say Goodbye
So say goodbye 'cause you'll be leaving soon
I know it's hard, and I'll be missing you
I know it's time to say goodbye

I know the road, has worn You down
You never broke, you always held your ground
But now it's time to say goodbye

Say goodbye
Say goodbye

And though you're gone I
remember now the time we shared,
Your words still ring out
You're never far, you're in my heart

Someday we'll meet again
'Cause that's how the story goes
It's so hard to say goodbye
Say goodbye

These things take time-sanctus real
I wanna know why pain makes me stronger
I wanna know why good men die
Why am I so afraid of the dark but I stray from the light?

I wanna know why You gave me eyes when faith is how I see.
Tell me, is it easier to doubt or harder to believe?
Oh so many questions stirring in me.

And I'm wondering why.
Sometimes the truth ain't easy to find.
I want to know all the answers, but I'm learning that;
These things take time, yeah
These things take time.

How can success make us feel like failures?
And the harder we fall the harder we try
The more I have the more I need just to feel like I'm getting by.
Oh so many questions in one short life.

And I'm wondering why.
Sometimes the truth ain't easy to find.
I want to know all the answers, but I'm learning that;
These things take time, yeah
These things take time.

And we spend so much time
Chasing our tails
Hopin' to find
Every last answer
To everything in life.
So many questions
Not enough time...

We all want to understand why;
Evil lives and good men die
On the way to Heaven the truth unwinds.
These things take time
These things take time
Yeah, these things take time.

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