30 for 30?

Had the most awesome idea today...talk about making history! I'll be turning 30 in May. Unlike the rest of the world I"m not really "freaking out" that I'm turning 30. I don't feel any older, and most days I still feel like I look like I'm too young instead of old enough (like I still look like a college kid instead of a mom with 2 of her own kids...could be the sweats and glasses somedays? no?) Anyways...it's more like awe that I am really 3 decades old. I mean, I feel the same as I did at 18. My body, except for the obvious baby-producing areas, remains much in the same as it was at that age, some areas even better, some not so much...but nothing broken, no gray hairs, (probably some wrinkles, but i got complemented on my skin's elasticity a few weeks ago haha) no aches in my back--except while pregnant, etc.

Well, anyway, the point is...I have been reading all my friends' posts about turning the big 3-0 and some are totally hating it, some are embracing it, some don't care. But, along with this whole making history theme I've got going here, I want to make this birthday make history. No, I don't mean by the biggest bash and getting drunker than Charlie Sheen and not remembering my name in the morning and losing lots of cash in slots. I dislike being the center of attention (showers and birthdays make me uncomfortable, too much focus on me and I feel greedy) so I don't want ME to be celebrated. But, in honor of me being 3 decades old soon, I thought well, GIVE! Give back, give it away. Instead of asking for the same boring household items I always ask for (cookie sheets, towels, gift card for new shirts...yawn) why not ask people, no tell them, to not give me a gift. Instead, give the world a gift!

I want to have donations made in my name or just given to some charities and feel like something worthwhile is being done, lives are being changed. I appreciate gifts, I do, but adult gifts are boring. It's really hard thinking of things to ask for anymore. I hate asking anyways, I usually wait until people have bugged me a billion times. ;) So, I started looking into some charities/organizations...one I'm really interested in is Compassion International. They have several programs besides just the sponsor a child section, which is really cool too and something the boys could become involved in, communicating back and forth.

Then, a bigger, better idea hit me! What if I could line up 30 charities for my 30th birthday? Yes 30. If I post my ideas and my developments on facebook and my blog, perhaps I could get others to join in with me. And I don't necessarily mean huge gifts, but heck, ten bucks per charity is something! So, perhaps it's a bit out there, but I'm going to do some research and I have about 6 in mind already and I'll keep y'all updated... thinking BIG here. Enough about ME. History is in the making...


Anonymous said...

Age is mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I found your post because I have a Google Alert set to show me posts that mention Compassion International. I'm really passionate about them and the work they do! I think that your idea is GREAT! What a way to kick off the entrance into your 30s!! :D