Conversations with Kian (and Karter)

Thanks to Kourt's new pup (keeping with the K traditions---he's Korbin) Kian now calls everything the way you call a puppy. He claps his hands, bends over and says 'come..., come here". Meaning, he calls me- *clap, clap* "mom, come, come here mom". Uh..woof?

The other day, Kian woke up and ran into our bed. He then pretended something was a sword to get mice and proceeded to use "in fact" and "per se", in context. "I am in fact going to get mice...I might not kill them per se". Seriously? Guess he got his mama's love of English vocab already.

Karter likes to "pee pee potty" which translates to "take of my diaper and I'll sit on there for 1.7 seconds then jump up to grab toilet paper, pretend to wipe and throw int in the toilet, then grab more and run across the bathroom with it, then ask to sit on the toilet again." Fun times. He's been pointing and saying "pee" or "poopy" in his diaper around the time he goes, so yay let the good times roll. Perhaps the second child trains faster since there is an older one to keep up with? Here's praying.

When Karter babbles things we don't understand, or a babble after a word, Kian always says "Karter said (Kian/leave me alone/bad doggy/whatever) in Spanish!" Bilingual spontaneously! Awesome!

Kian knowing how to turn on the tv is having it's when he came into me the other day and told me "you need to go to Laser Spa mommy". I asked him if I was hairy, he said yes. Gee thanks!

His absorption of everything and anything also has it's high points though. He knows the differences between carnivores and herbivores, thanks to Dinosaur Train. He has learned mammals, from I don't know where. Today at lunch he told Karter he was a mammal and that bats were also mammals. Both true. Then he says "We are meat." I ask him what he means. He answers, "we are meat, our bodies are meat." I told him yes, they are, muscle, which I guess can be meat, but we don't eat people. ha.

Karter, also thinking he's funny, said "poopy" then scrunched his face...and farted. Sigh. It begins, times three.

Having an older child, one who only began saying "mine" in the last couple months (yes I got 3.5 years FREE of 'mine, mine, mine') the younger one for the last month has been saying "MINE!" and really, truly knows what it means. Ugh! We were sharing a drink and I used his straw, he pulled it away and..."mine!". Replacing the "me, me, me" he was doing a few months ago. That was much cuter.

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