18 months

I Promise to have some pictures up soon. I'm having withdrawal. But, now my computer is reborn and I have downloaded a temporary photo program (since the other one died with the computer) so it shall be soon.

Just a brief note on Karter's 18 month appointment. We went Monday for the routine check. He's up to 20 1/2 pounds and 31.5 inches. He gained a pound in the last 3 months...not too bad. He's on his own upward growth curve, just not theirs. I'm feeling better about things and am actually starting to feel like we're going overboard in some areas. He is thriving developmentally, so I know some thing's going right.

Karter has at least 50 words now. I wrote them all down the other day, the ones I remembered hearing him say. He's beginning to put words together like "where___?" Always asking "whuh dada?" Sometimes it's "whuh my dada?" It's just different- and I try to remember he's within the average range and doing fine. But at 18 months Kian had very clear words and well over a 100, probably more like 200+ and was using 2-3 word sentences regularly. Yes, that's a bit above and a bit precocious, but I wish Karter's sounds were better and more developed. I'll get over my Early Intervention paranoid self, don't worry.

But, his motor skills are insane. Everywhere we go, people comment on that. We visited a preschool for Kian and the director couldn't stop talking about how Karter walked up the slide (yes the wrong way) and climbed around, a big, preschool size (not one of those small toddler ones) jungle gym things. She said they had some 4 year olds that couldn't do that yet. The doctor and nurse were surprised and imprssed when I told him to get up on the table he walked over to the step stool, and climbed up to sit on the table. He has been able to scale our metal scroll bed frame (foot board) since he was 12 months. People stop me in the stores because Karter has climbed out of the seat belt on the cart and is standing up or hanging over into the basket part. What do you want me to do? That's why sometimes I put him in the carrier on my back. I can't turn my back for one second, he's up and on and over everything. Of course, the jumping off part scares everyone--not me anymore. I'm desensitized I guess, but I know his abilities and don't worry about it. I remember Kian, while still able to do these things, be content to read and talk and sit more than Karter. I'm learning to appreciate the differences, don't worry!

We're seeing less of the separation anxiety (still doesn't like when I leave) but is more social and not as shy around new people. He's started waving and saying hi to everyone in the stores now, which I remember Kian doing too. They must get this from their father. I still prefer to not be in crowds or unfamiliar people ;) oh well. He's still my snuggler and thumbsucker. He loves to hold his doggy or another soft animal, or my hair, especially when tired. I'm not worried about the thumb sucking at all right now. And he has all his molars and is getting all 4 of his canine/eyeteeth, whatever you want to call them. They don't' seem to be bothering him all that much. But, maybe he'll sleep better when they're all finally in...we shall see. Sleep is doing a little better. I've stopped all the eating/drinking at night (except for water) and though he still wakes up twice a night (whether he's in our bed or his own, it has no affect) it's less frantic and he's more easily calmed from it.

We did do the blood work for some vitamin deficiencies and will get the results soon. The last thing we are going to do is a comprehensive stool analysis just to check for any malabsorption issues--passing too quickly or too slowly through his system, meaning he's not getting all the nutrients from what he's eating. If that comes up fine, then I am done. I am done with tests and done with worrying. I am just going to go with it and stop all these appointments and whatever. The natural integrative pediatrician did give us some good pointers about different foods and diff rent timings of things, that I hadn't thought of, nor had anyone else (regular ped or friends, family, etc.) so it was worth it.

And, that's about it...i just heard a whole bin of Legos be dumped on the floor...

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