Blood work

We got some results from Karter's blood work done on Monday to check for vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Vitamin D is pretty low...but hello! It's winter in New York, no sunshine to be had to make Vitamin D! And other one year olds are drinking Vitamin D fortified whole milk, mine is not. Also his ferritin is low. That is part of the iron, but he's not anemic, if that makes sense. Too much to explain, so just go with it.

Interestingly, low vitamin D can cause....wait for it....low appetite, diarrhea and insomnia. Huh! The low ferritin means his body isn't storing the iron well. So, we're going to supplement and treat for those. No idea if it will help with his eating, sleeping or weight, but even if it doesn't, his body needs those levels raised up. Then onto the stool analysis.

Of course, last night he slept 12 hours. TWELVE! In a row. Without waking. 8pm-8:10am. My body is in shock mode ;) And it's like, the days I forget to give him the prevacid, he sleeps better. Ugh. That and lots of talking to him about sleeping and praying a lot for sleep! I'll take it!

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