Birthday Charity Update

No, I haven't forgotten about what I said. I've been busy watching kids, and having more computer annoyances, and everyday life, along with some research. I know a lot of people are doing walks and other events for charities and organizations coming up soon. The nicer weather coming means more of these events will be taking place. That, and it's far enough from Christmas to ask for donations, right?

I have made sure the charities and organizations are well-known and do not have any suspect activity, ones that have been around for a long time, and causes I believe in, close to the heart. Here are some I want to become a part of, whether by donating or volunteering, etc.-in no particular order:

Compassion International: Sponsor a child. I would love to sponsor a child and be able to communicate with them. You can pick or let the organization pick for you. Around $38/month.

Compassion International: Rescue Babies
. A program in which the money goes to helping mamas give birth or get prenatal care or care for their babies, in more sanitary conditions, etc. I love this one! They are put in touch with churches and nurses!

March of Dimes. Wonderful organization to put money and research towards babies and the prevention of premature births. Kevin and I have done this walk before. Currently I have 2 friends who are participating in the walk-click on their names to view their page and donate. Also, thinking of my friend Kristi who'd baby girl Haylee just spent 3 months in the NICU after such an early birth.
Allisan-who will be walking while pretty pregnant with her second baby.
Karen & family-who will be walking while remembering the days their baby spent in the NICU 4 years ago.

National Kidney Foundation. My cousin Jami is in need of a kidney transplant. Donations of cash or kidneys are accepted ;) Check the site on how to become a living donor and find a Kidney walk near you! (PS Jami needs type O.)

American Diabetes Association. This past week, Kevin's aunt was diagnosed with diabetes. Our friend Josh is riding the Tour de Cure in honor of his family members who battle the disease. Click on Josh's name to go directly to his riding/donation site.

ASPCA- we are such animal lovers in this house, so this is one I definitely want to become involved in. There are local chapters as well, in your area.
. This one was brought to my attention and I LOVE the concept. This organization gives families donations of livestock and training to better their lives, start their small farms, which in turn helps the family AND the community they live in. Yes, you can choose to give goats, cattle, ducks, cheese, plants, etc. Tangible giving, not just money, but something they can really use.

World Vision: sponsor a child, give to Japan, give a goat, clean water fund, so many options in this organization. Another, well-known and respected charity.

Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong Memorial. From family and friends, to former clients, I know so many lives have been touched by this place and helped many.

Ronald McDonald House. With those babies and children in the hospital, many families are able to stay in the Ronald McDonald houses across the country. If you have a local one, you can help by bringing toiletries and food directly to the house to support these families.

Lollypop Farm-a local animal rescue & re-homing organization.

Cloth Diaper Foundation. This one is different, but really neat. It takes used (but still in good condition and usable!) diapers and donates them to families who want to start using cloth but can't afford it (it's cheaper in the long run than disposables, that's for sure!) and across the world. I've read reviews from military families who received diapers because of where they might be, disposable wouldn't be the best option, etc.

And there's so many others...feel free to link back up to let me know of others you love and donate to, and I should consider! It'd be great if everyone just took a minute to think about how much they have and what they can give for those less fortunate. I will keep you updated on how I am going to go about this donation per month? Or what, I don't know yet.

Charity Watch-this site shows the best charities, who have good records, spend more than 3/4 of their budget on actual programs, etc. You can also search for a charity and see it's ratings.

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