conversations with Kian

"I prefer that, actually, I don't like this." -about some food for lunch. He prefers things now.

"It surely will be in this drawer." Surely? Surely you received your mother's love of English and language and literature. I don't recall using these words lately but now I'm inspired to have vocabulary bees. Just kidding...kinda ;)

How I know he's watched too much tv (even tho he's only watched about 3 hours in the last week and a half, we're on a tv strike!) when he makes up a song with the same tune to "Nationwide is on your side" about Karter being near his side...then follows it up with another song about cats to the tune of "like a good neighbor, state farm is there..." yep. Wonderful.

"Oh you're a miracle, oh little chicks, you're such a miracle." And we didn't even see them hatch, just scooped them out of the Country Max bins...yep, a miracle. ;)

Kian: I want to go out for breakfast. I want an egg sandwich with bacon.
Me: I can make you an egg sandwich here with bacon, on toast or a bagel.
Kian: No, I want the square eggs, only Mcdonald's has those. I need to go to McDonald's.
Me: Sigh.

Took my phone after I was texting my sister and after a few minutes I realize Kian's banging away on the keyboard. He'd sent about 3 super long texts of letters and numbers. He told me "I told NeeNee to get rid of my dog in a wheelbarrow, to get rid of him so I can get a bunny from Country Max." Okay then!

Conversation in bed tonight, just after prayers:
Kian: Do snakes eat guinea pigs?
Me: Yes
Kian: Only medium snakes eat guinea pigs, or maybe small ones. Do snakes eat bunnies?
Me: Yes, some can eat cats and dogs too, which is why we won't be getting a snake.
Kian: Only large snakes eat dogs, but not big dogs, only medium dogs.
Me: We're still not getting a snake.
Kian: We need to get a cage, a snake cage.
Me: We're not getting a snake.
Kian: And a light, and we need to get snake food bowls.
Me: We're not getting a snake.
Kian: We need water bowls too, and balls for it to play with.
Me: We're not getting a snake.
Kian: Does Country Max sell all snake supplies?
Me: We are not getting a snake.
Kian: We need-
Me: We. Are. Not. Getting. A. Snake. Now, I am going to put Karter in his bed and there will be no more talking...

Earlier today, after leaving Country Max (they have a snake set up there) "Do snakes poop, Mommy?" I informed him that, yes every living creature does poop. He wanted to know where and I had to explain they don;t have butts but holes on their bellies. The things I never thought I'd be talking about...

But, gosh I love that boy ;)

He's named quite a few of the chicks...luckily he doesn't notice that we only know the names of 3 of them consistently!
One red mix-hybrid is named Suzy Zooter Zip. She's smaller than the rest and has a slight bum issue, so easy to pick out.
The 2 black/white Plymouth's are named Bandit (whom he calls Bad B) and Roadie (this one has a black stripe on his beak, the other does not. Actually they are probably all girls!) These are the friendliest and most curious ones.
From there, it gets a bit fuzzy (ha, chicks, fuzzy!) because the other RIRs and the Golden Comets all look like each other, with some slight differences.
Another Rhode Island Red one is named Aunt Elissa (per her request), another Ruby.
Finally, there's a Max, Nico, Eeko, and some other random ones from time to time. I love that he came up with these names all on his own--except Bandit, I suggested it after he kept saying Bad B.
Suzy spends a lot of time with Kian, on the couch, on a towel, wrapped up, in her own box (so the other ones don't peck her bum) in a cool whip container (clean), he sings her lullabies and she 'watches' shows with him. It's actually pretty darn cute and I love how tender he is with her. (hopefully she doesn't decline and die or something!) This puts my faith in him for being the best big brother to little sisters. =)

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