Charity Update

Lest anyone think I am not following through on my huge idea, here's an update. Although, I had some reservations after reading a verse in the Bible that says something along the lines of tithe and give in private, not announcing it. But, I argue in my head that I don't want to be seen as a big talker, no action.

As soon as I had posted that charity idea, we got calls, soliciting donations. Of course. Kevin took a call and donated to the NYS chiefs of police association, for kids' clubs/camps. (I think he donated because his soft spot for knowing and training Bob Duffy-former Chief of police and former mayor.) Then a week later I got a call and donated to the Breast Cancer Relief fund. However, while on the phone with the guy (because I hadn't heard of it before) I did a fast search online for the foundation. It's eh, so-so. I would have preferred to give directly to Susan G Komen foundation or something. This one's ratings were that great and I still don't know exactly what they do. Not that I want to discourage anyone, but I wanted a bit more research. Both, provided, in the mail, information immediately after we gave.

I also gave to 2 non-profit, non-commercial, totally listener-funded Christian radio stations I listen to all the time. Family Life Network and K-Love. Wasn't exactly in my plans but after hearing their campaigns each spring and fall and realizing that I have them on in my home almost 24/7, how could I take without giving? I know, some people would say, just listen to another station that has commercials, blah blah. But, I also love some of the programming and there's a kids hour on FLN that Kian's getting into, one that I listened to when I was a kid!

So, while none of those were ones in my original idea/plan, but I am glad we have done something. we did donate to the Diabetes association, that I had linked back to previously, that our friend Josh is doing the Tour de Cure for this summer-that one was in my original plan. I feel good about donating because although I'd love to be volunteering somewhere, it's not quite in the cards right now. I'd have to pay a sitter and work that all out just to find a couple hours to volunteer, so for now, monetary is what I can do. And I know that's what's asked of us/me right now and I feel good about it. Blessings come from obedience and giving and I'm cool with that.

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