I think a lot of people are reading my blogs and facebook and thinking "when did she get so God and religious and spiritually nutty?" Well, truth is, I always have been inside. But, I guess, like my sister says "I put on my big girl panties" and stopped having separate lives going on and meshed them. I stopped worrying about what other rpeople thought of me and my spirituality (I don't call it religious, because to me, religious acts are more the customary/traditional things that churches do; like a lot of the Catholic church practices of confirmation, etc. Spirituality is more how you connect and relate to God and what goes on in your heart that motivates you...as simple as I could make it.) If I can't be me inside and out, to not just those I am comfortable with and even those who it makes uncomfortable, then I'm not being true to me, I'm not being honest with myself or anyone else. And, how can I tell my boys but not live it?

As far as holidays go, Christmas and Thanksgiving are my favorite, such amazing family time and great things to celebrate, secular and religious-wise. But, personally, for myself, I love Easter. I love all it stands for, the meaning of it all. That I can claim a higher God to take care of me, watch out for me and bless me and die for my sins so I can have eternal life in a glorious Heaven. It's a lot to take in, it's taken me years to really process. There are so many aspects and details to the story, from the betrayal, to the death and crucifixion, to the burial and the resurrection and Ascension,..each year I take away and dwell on a new piece of the story. We could never fully comprehend the pain and torture Jesus went through for each of us, knowing he could have stopped it at any time, but didn't, to save us and full fill the prophecies... I'm forever grateful for the cross.

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