Braggin' bout my super smarties

I try not to blatantly brag, but tonight I am going to do it.

Karter is picking things up like crazy lately, imitating all we do, and say (finally getting more words and sounds in there!). He loves to try to help right along with Kian and I, in the kitchen, and everywhere. Tonight, I was making dinner and the boys were playing with the pots and pans on the floor (yes, I let them do that). Karter took his around the corner, and I didn't think anything of it. Kian went around the corner too and says "Karter's cooking too!" I came to look and he had opened the cupboards, pulled out oatmeal and filled the pan with oatmeal and then put the top on it. I happen to think that's pretty darn smart, especially since he did not spill any of it. =)

But, Kian took the smart award tonight. Boy is a genius. You can have your reading kids and counting kids and your whatever kids, but THIS is what we appreciate in our house. Independence, problem solving, DIY, kid's got spunk and he's definitely smart. I was washing the glue off the walls from the wallpaper, on a ladder and I hear him start to play with the electric screwdriver. I told him to put it down and please not play with it. His answer was that he was "fixing the paper towel thing, because it was broken". A few minutes later I stepped down from the ladder and turned around. He had screwed the toilet paper holder back into the wall (it had been hanging by one screw while I scraped wallpaper around it) and also had gone to the pile of screws and picked out the right one and screwed that in as well. It was nice and tight and back in place, all the proper way, ready for toilet paper again. Love it!

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