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I realized I talk about my kids a lot. A lot, a lot. Sorry, they're cute and funny and I love them, and they're naughty and say silly things. I realized I don't say a ton about Kevin. Which is funny, since I feel a lot.

When thinking about Kevin the other day, I realised a lot of his weaknesses/faults are also his strengths and "pros", so to speak. For example: he's impatient, never looks before he leaps, jumps headfirst, it's go big or go home, he abandons ship sometimes, or he quits doing things by the book and finds shortcuts-even if they don't make sense, he's goofy, silly, and I often tell him to stop acting like a 12 year old on the back of a school bus. Huh...sounds kind of harsh eh?

But, when looking at those things, those same traits can be very good things. Kevin is one of the hardest workers I've met, especially at work, who doesn't complain about getting up early and going to work. I think my dad is the only other person I've never heard complain about getting up and working all day and just doing it because that's your job and you have to provide. He might not look into all the risks of the things he's getting himself into, but sometimes knowing the risks makes people chicken out. He knows when it's time to wave the white flag and has done so a few times on various other business projects he's started up with other people in the past. Sometimes, seeing something through to the end isn't always a good thing. He can jimmy and jam and shove and make things fit in or through something. He makes do with what he's got on hand. He puts his all into things he's passionate about, business, sports, family, etc. (Currently his businesses, but I think I'm 4th or 11th...I kid, I kid.)

There are plenty of times his pre-pubescent antics drive me nuts. It literally reminds me of the dorky actions of the kids who drove me nuts on the back of the school bus,, boys trying to impress each other and outdo each other. He can lay it on thick when he's with other guys, doing all that macho, one-up each other with their one-liners and pool games and keeping scores and so on. But, it also keeps him young and silly with the boys. The wrestling and silly games and strange phrases he teaches them, or weird things he calls them (Karter=car charger, -yes he says dot com, and now Karter says dot com, especially after hearing it on tv/radio, sigh. and jarjarbinks and I don't care if I spelled that wrong. the poor kid will have enough of a complex!) the teasing them that alligators and monkeys will be in their rooms at night, and such. He relates to them on a totally different level that, I, as a mom and girl, just don't get; I am very thankful for that, that they have that with him. (Which also fuels my fire of wanting to have a girl to relate to in the same gender/hormone way.)

Kevin's not a big talker. I mean, he can talk and does, in depth about fitness, weights, fishing, sports, and "guy stuff". But, he's definitely not an emotional conversater. (Is that a word? Jess, did I just make up a new word?) Conversationalist I guess would be the word, drat. He does avoid heated, intense topics and that makes me annoyed since I like to talk things out. He 'listens' though when I do talk. Hey, the appropriate 'yeah, hmm" and nod is better than nothing! It's funny how we're on 7.5 years of marriage (holy cow, already?!) and we're still learning, about each other, about our relationship, what works, what doesn't, what has to change, etc. I guess all the changes and phase we've gone through will do that.

Although, looks played a part in me getting to know Kevin, it really wasn't that. He wasn't even single at the time and we just became friends. Then like, best friends. Like, studying every night, going out for a bite to eat, teasing Jess about her nameless man and habits, quizzing him on his anatomy and physiology (no, really, he was taking that class, not some weird code name!) and when he failed chemistry twice, working out, taking walks, schlepping through the muddy woods looking for golf balls, him trying to get me to climb the train trestle (I wouldn't!) building a fort in his parents' den with lamps and futons and blankets (we were weird, bored college kids who didn't party, what do you expect?) hanging out with mostly just each other... Suddenly, it was like we both realized there was something to this. The attachments to others we both had, were gone and we just went head-on, and everyone thought we were nuts getting engaged after only being (officially) together for 4 months, but we'd been super close, best friends for 2 years before that. It obviously worked.

No one can make me as mad as Kevin can (perhaps my mom...) no one gets to me like he does. But, I don't think there's anyone I'd fight as hard for or with. I often tell him I get so mad at him because I love him so much. Passionate about him in every way =) I'm so proud of him and I probably don't tell him enough. He busts his butt for us, he just does what needs to be done and does it so I can stay home and has told me he wants me to stay home...even if he is a bit jealous of that. He tackles these business things with everything he's got. He's ambitious. He excels in areas where I lack. Even though he might not have told me in so many words, he trusts me and respects my ideas and research and decisions. Kevin has gone along with, agreed with me, and leaves the details up to me in a lot of areas-especially the kids and child rearing. He trusts my instincts and my research and has given me the control to make decisions and agrees with me, in such things as not vaccinating, the discipline techniques and what they eat and such. I fully appreciate that. Although, he often asks me if I can handle watching them while he plays a game of pool...uh, hello dear, I do that all day without you!

Sure I wish he was sometimes a bit more romantic and had sweet words to whisper, but I have my areas to improve upon as well. I definitely appreciate all he does, all he is and think the rest of the world should know ;)

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