Karter and his crib

The pitter patter of feet I hear lately, mean that Karter has climbed out of his crib and is running around again. Sigh. Easter morning I went in to get Karter and left him in the crib while I grabbed his clothes out of the closet. I hear "mooooommy" and look over. He is laying on the top rail, on his stomach, with his naughty grin. Then he swings his leg over and slides down. And that my friends, is the end of that.

So, from then on, he just climbs out and hops down when he wants to be out. This is the kid that has been asking to go night-night and loves his crib (unless he wants to be in our bed, but will ask to go "my room" when he wants his own bed). I know it takes him a long time to get used to things, but I half thought that maybe since he likes my bed, that he would be okay with the toddler bed. Wrong! He kept pointing to his crib and saying 'night night', so I put him back in the crib. I just don't like that he climbs out and runs down the hall and down the stairs, especially if I don't' know he's awake. I don't want him cracking his head open. Sigh, again.

I think the plan will be instead of the new, separate toddler bed, for now I will convert his crib into the toddler phase. That just means taking the one side off and putting a small, half-side rail on that matches. He'll still feel like he's in the crib, but can get in and out without climbing over the top, since it's kind of high. One of the many new phases we get to go through, again.

His motor skills are still his number one thing, climbing, running, jumping off stairs and rocks, his fine motor skills almost as good as Kian's (gulp). His speech is coming along. He's definitely saying a lot more, but he doesn't put any endings on anything yet, which drives (the former EI service coordinator) me nuts! Some sounds that I think he should have, he doesn't yet. But, we'll get there, we're working on it. And if not, then I have no qualms about calling EI for a speech eval in a few months. Eh, it is what it is.

Karter is in that easy, fun stage; which conversely makes Kian look even more like a monster...triple sigh. Everyone thinks Karter is so fun and easy, which is true at this age, also which is why we decided to have a second one when Kian was this age, he was so easy! He's definitely a ham. He knows how to make us all laugh and is so silly. He's also so sweet and snuggly still, which we love. He is into Kevin a lot now and both boys get so upset when he's gone working late, and ask for him every morning.

He likes the numbers 3 and 9, he loves the color yellow. He's wanting to know colors of everything, and can tell you animals and their sounds. He calls all shoes and boots "boots". Pajamas are "coats" too because they have zippers like his coats. This one makes me laugh a lot! He loves to hold my hair or his own and suck his thumb still. He prefers water over all other drinks, but will ask for milk sometimes. Loves fruit cups and peanut butter (pee-a buh-ah). And jelly now too, and honey and gummis.

I love that he's totally interested in the potty lately. Even with a diaper on, he points and says "I pee". I sit him on randomly and he has gone pee a little bit, a few times. Of course we made a huge deal over it. Then, yesterday he started to poop on the floor (oh joy) I stopped him and put him on the potty, and he finished going. That was a super big deal. (we were diaper free due to a rash.) I have really high hopes that he'll be almost all the way trained by his birthday in September, due to being able to run naked all summer and his high interest. I know, I'll be realistic, but I am hoping!

Still dealing with the digestive stuff...ran out of Prevacid and then heard some reflux come back a few nights, what's coming out the other end is still very undigested, loose, horrible odor--and this is with enzymes for the last couple weeks. Ugh, I give up. We're back on the dairy and egg free diets, and I am actually getting rid of the almond milk too, as I read there can be some sensitivities built up to that after awhile. I am leaning towards some gluten free diet changes as well, since I don't know what else to do. I think we need a re-do, to start over from beginning on his food intake and see what we're dealing with. Sigh. But, despite that he's healthy, happy, silly, snuggly and so much fun and loving music and outside and his 'cheeps' and his cats, can't ask for anything else.

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