$27.50 at the Public Market

I LOVE the public Market and am bummed that we're farther away now. But yes, it's totally worth the drive! I took my boys and Kenny and Kiara this morning, the extra hands were nice. I just wanted you to know how much I got for $27.50. I brought $28 but had 50 cents left over.

12 plums/$1
quart tomatoes (5)$1
5 peaches/quart $1.50
3 zucchini/yellow squash $1
bag cherries/quart $3
over a quart of sour cherries $2.50
big bag of beans (green and yellow/wax) $4 (this was more than other places and I paid too much for these, but was already at the vendor when Kian started grabbing them)
4 very large cucumbers $1
9 peppers/basket (few days old but who cares) $1
4 head romaine $2
3 lemons/$1
4 kiwi/$1

At the bakery:
apple turnover, super large cookie, 2 medium m&m cookies=$3.50 total
multigrain loaf, Italian, and french loaf each a $1

Ok my math doesn't add up, but whatever, I came with $28 and brought home 50 cents and got a ton of stuff!

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