Things I never thought I'd say before I was a mom

"Thank you boys, but Mommy doesn't need toys to play with in the kitchen. Because, I'm cooking, that's why I don't need toys, thanks anyways. and please take the grocery cart full of trucks back to the playroom."

"No, Kiela (kourt's dog) won't "lay" babies or puppies. Because dogs and people don't "lay" their babies, they push them out."

"I really don't think a 'cheese smoothie' is a good idea, Kian."

"If you can sing all the songs to all the insurance companies, you are definitely watching too much tv."

"This is why I like having a dog, now clean the floor Finn."

"Why did you just dump out over 30 decks of cards all over the living room floor? Do you know how long it's going to take me to sort out 52 cards for each of those 32 decks???"

"Stop saying poop and fart, in front of, or at the end of, every word!"

"No, the 'dog jail' won't give Finn to another family...unless we never come get him, but we'll go get him I suppose, if he is there again."

"I don't know why girls want to shave their legs and boys usually don't. I just know I don't want my legs hair right now, so stop trying to take the razor out of my hands!" (electric, don't worry)

"Please sit down, penises don't belong on the table Karter."

"No, you're penis does not have bones in it. Yes, I know the rest of your body has bones all in it, but it's the only part of your body that doesn't, okay?! Well, your ears don't either. No, really ears don't have bones either." I am SO NOT going there!

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