Randomness of the week

"Hot Tub Time Machine" was the stupidest movie ever. Contending for the first place spot with "Contact", back in 1997. Wow. Although, we started "Dude, where's my car?" and shut if off after 3.7 minutes. That was that bad too. Sheesh.

We lost 2 chickens over the last couple weeks, assumption is foxes got them. But, it was in daylight, so anything's possible. They think they're free range and get out a lot and would go towards the pond in the hedges near where we saw baby foxes last month. 11 came back, then 10...pretty sure it was the chick who was sick when she was little and we 'nursed her back to health'. Kian wasn't even upset, and it was his favorite. He'd make her a blanket and put her on the couch to watch tv with him. Absence makes your mind forget I guess. But we secured their pens more so they can't get out (as much) and when they do, they're at least smart enough to stay right around the house on the other side, far away from the pond.

Karter's talking like crazy, using sentences now and words I didn't even realize he knew or what they meant. He told me Finn ate the ball (he didn't, was swimming with it in his mouth) then told me "get different ball." I didn't know he knew what different was and he's been using it ever since, his new favorite word, bossy too, teling me to get different everything. Still a ham and loves to make everyone laugh, but this makes Kian act out to get some attention too. That's frustrating.

Kian says funny phrases, random ones too. He saw cows in the field while we were driving and spotted the bull. He told me "that bull frustrates the other cows with his horns." Okay?! Critical thinking skills in place, check. Today, he was kicking at the glass doors and obviously I was frustrated and said "what in the world possessed you to kick the glass doors?" He looked at me, replies "Karter. Karter Ryan possessed me to." Not even blaming Karter for doing it, but blaming Karter for making him do it.

This week we've actually put some clothes on. No, we don't go completely naked around here, but the boys and I have been wearing swim suits (or undies for them) for the last couple weeks non-stop. It's been almost 100, what do you want? We will NOT just sit in freezing cold AC (ours is on 78, we like to actually remember it is summer) and we love to be outside, so as little as possible was comfy and great for the hose and pools. I met my mom at the beach and we swam and went kayaking. Boys enjoyed the kayaks, and reminded me of when Kenny and Kiara were that little to plop on your lap and row around. Karter found his "sea legs" and was up in the water to his belly and jumping and wanting to go out kicking and splashing with us. Up til then, he'd been afraid of pools (still loves the hose, bath and kiddie pool). I'm guessing he couldn't see the bottom of some pools and it scared him; I remember Kian being afraid of pools/some water the summer he was 2 as well. Interesting....

Garden....um half fail? Between the massive rains, then droughts and soaring temps, it's a mess. I finally got most of it weeded (well at least the beds that actually have things growing in them). Some seeds never took so we have a bed and a half of grass. Beans are doing well and we just picked the first few last night. Tomatoes finally took off, they were so small and blah looking, but this week have grown a lot and are blossoming. Peas and lettuce=fail. Peas were doing great, I put stakes in for them to wind around and then couple days later, chewed in half. Everytime they grow, something eats the tops off. Same with the lettuce. I'm assuming rabbits, as my chickens don't eat them, I watched. Half of my squash plants made it. some got washed away in past rains, then almost died, but this week they are back alive and i replanted them deeper. Sheesh! We have a pumpkin plant that's growing nicely in the middle of our tomato bed, thanks to Kian and the seed packet patrol, but we leave it there.

I am going to embark on a project this coming weekend: Project table redo! Our kitchen table has been abused and lost most of it's varnish. There's paint and food and who knows what else stuck to it, that my scrubby can't even get off. So, I am going to take it out in the garage or driveway, sand the heck out of it, and re-varnish it. Several times. Lots of layers. Might take several days between drying, etc. but I'm okay with that. It was bought at an estate sale by my in-laws and was in great shape, but still I know it's been used for at least over 10 years and could use some more life. Cheap fix, but might take awhile. I'll let you know the results.

Last weekend's project was me redoing the shed/chicken coop. Dad brought over some shelving unit things, and I took everything out of the shed, and put them in. Cleaned out the floor, put down more shavings and now I just need straw, and that will be their nesting boxes. I do however, need to find them a more permanent roost, so they stop using the ladders, pieces of wood, etc. They also share space with a large mouse. He's happy with their corn and oats and feed leftovers. I am not happy with him. I shall sick one of those wild cats on him from out front. The wild cats that have had kittens recently and are SUPER cute. Siamese/tabby mixes, calico babies, I want to catch the kittens and see if we can get them somewhere to at least be barn cats for someone...?

Other than that...trying to figure out why the testosterone diminishing neutering surgery left Finn the maturity of a 6 mo old puppy this week? Ugh. Chewing like crazy and laying down to refuse commands. Fun times. Because, what I really needed was another 2 year old in the house.

Trying to try some other menu options out...buffalo chicken wraps-a hit. Made the wegmans lemon bars--awesome. Playing around with pastas and fresh vegetables. We're doing more seafood, Kian is a huge fan and so is Karter. Score for healthy, lean, and Omegas. And I'm spent, it's after midnight and I took a nap today I was so exhausted, and that was with 8 hours of sleep, I'm going to be in trouble tomorrow! Goodnight.

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