Pickles in a pickle

Pickles. That's what Kian decided to name our tiny, brand new kitten. No idea why. Pickles arrived via Kevin's friend/coworker who's family has a farm. I guess Pickles was half the size of the rest of the litter and not growing/eating well. So, they thought of us I guess and here Pickles is. No one really looked, and we just went with it when they told us they thought Pickles was a boy. Got Pickles acclimated, started Pickles on some moist food in addition to the milk replacer they had Pickles on.

White, with patches of tabby gray stripes over the left eye and on tail and back legs, and a slight bend to the tips of the ears, Pickles is adorable. Pickles got into a pickle alright, partly thanks to me and thanks to Kian. I had put her on the counter to eat food, to be up from the dog, and went to change Karter's diaper. Here comes Kian up the stairs carrying Pickles, I hear him, but when I look he's kneeling and Pickles lets out a cry. Then, I see it. The limp front leg, putting no weight on it. No!! I pick up Pickles, praying it's just dislocated, feel it and it feels broken up near the shoulder.

I carry Pickles downstairs, talk to the men outside my yard, get the dog in the crate, throw clothes on Karter, shoes on everyone, call the vet and get in the car. That's how we found out Pickles is a girl. Kian is upset and of course doesn't want to be in trouble, so it took awhile to get it out of him and I am still not sure what exactly happened. He said she jumped off the counter and then he picked her up and tried to carry her "like NeeNee did". I asked him if he fell while carrying her (hence the kneeling I caught a glimpse of) he said yes. So, we're assuming between those two things, she broke her arm obviously. Vet confirms break and we leave her there for an hour to be slightly sedated, splinted and taped. No surgeries or anything, her bones are too tiny. She's barely 6 weeks old he says. So she's got a bright pink bandage around her leg, paw and taped around her chest to keep the leg up and tight. Poor poor Pickles! It's a sad thing as she wants to play and tries to hop along but tires and just flops down in the middle of the floor. I have to put her in the litterbox ever couple hours. She actually will meow to let me know she needs to go. Hopefully, the leg will heal well, although we were warned it might be a bit twisted or a bit of a permanent limp, that's okay though. Poor Pickles!

Kourtney and I have decided we need to write a series of books based on Finn and the other pets in this house...the crazy things they do...someday!

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