conversations with Kian and Karter

Playing with Legos today, Kian is having 2 Lego men talk to each other: "Geico saves you money. It's 15 minute driving commercial. You just drive for 15 minutes and it's Geico driving insurance money." ha!

Kian called Karter a "bad name" (stupid) and after a break, I told him to apologize to Karter for bad language. "Karter, I'm sorry for Bad English." haha! Immediately the band popped in my head and I burst out laughing.

After the playground, I went to get Karter out of his seat and he scrunched his nose all up, closed his eyes and whispered "hungry, need eat". Too funny to see in person.

Karter can't say f sounds, so foot is "tut" and food is "tood". He asked for 'tood' so I asked him if he was giving me attitude, joking around with him. He says "I no a-tat-a-tood mommy".

He also calls Finn, "chin". Windsor is "Winza". Kian still pronounces girl as 'gril' and magazine as 'mazageen' and caterpillar as "callapitter". I haven't forced his changing it yet as it is just too cute and one of the last remnants of toddlerhood.

Kian let Finn and Windsor out of their kennel and told me "they randomly got out". Uh huh, sure.

Putting Karter back to bed, he asked if daddy was in bed, I said almost. I said daddy had to go to work in the morning. He looks very thoughtful and finally says "daddy work dump?" HA! He thinks Kevin works at the dump apparently. I said the gym, but he's only been there once as a baby, so has no clue. Tried to explain it, as best I could, but it was pretty funny. We'd probably still have insurance though!

Kian: Mommy, is Windsor going back to NeeNee's house and Finn staying here? Me: No, why? Kian: Because, two dogs are exasperating! They're exaspooperating.
I laughed so hard, but was so impressed he used that word properly. Must be tv is teaching him something ;)

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