My baby, 2 years...

First, let me just start off by saying I have had this blog open for a long time (at least 2 weeks) trying to blog things and put pictures on, but I just haven't been able to finish it. I get sidetracked and the only time I get to sit down is after 9:30 at night. By then, my creative juices are evaporated and I find myself not wanting to blog about mundane things.

Then, I realized that I absolutely must post something for Karter's birthday. In 2 days he will turn TWO. I remember as my due date was approaching thinking "Kian and Karter will be 2 years 2 months and some odd days apart." They ended up being exactly 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks apart. Both babies born on a Thursday; although Karter was the evening and Kian the morning. Their labors are about as alike as they are..not so much. Labor with Kian was horrible, long, chemically induced, painful. Labor with Karter was short, one hour, not that painful, more relaxed. Guess I knew what to expect the second time around with labor, not quite the same with the actual child!

Kian and Karter are as different as chalk and cheese. =) I had a child client who's father was straight from Ireland and his thick accent told me that my boys would be as different as chalk and cheese, as sure as he be. He was right. Irish always are, should have known! Not only do they look different, but they are different in mannerisms and activity levels. Karter is a hurricane. And a tornado. And a bull in a china shop. All at the same time. Literally. Picture that for a second. A bull in a china shop during a hurricane while a tornado touches down. Yep, that's him. You cannot for a split second take your eye or ears off of him. Probably the best bet is to always keep your hands on him as well. My mom and my friend Amy saw/see how it is. Spend a little time and you'll agree with his Houdini nickname. He can scale anything, no matter how high; he can get in, on, under and through anything, seriously anything. It's exhausting! Kian was definitely NOT this physical at 2 years old. Karter is content to play and sit for awhile, but he just has to push the limits every single minute of every day.

Thankfully, he's cute and sweet and snuggly. He still is stuck on his thumb. He still loves my hair, or his pillow pet's ear when he's sleepy, and still pulls on my shirts' necklines like a lovey blanket. His hair went from jet black at birth to the whitest blonde this summer. I did give him a decent haircut in July because the top wasn't growing but the sides were "clownish" as certain someones called it. He is silly and loves to make us laugh. And can still be shy around new people or when first coming into a place. They get that from me...

(I failed. I again, did not finish this blog. I guess real life was more important, like opening presents and having cake and parties for a certain little monster.)

Karter had a great birthday. He got fun gifts and enjoyed his Big Red Barn cake. (that was a feat in itself, first time making and using fondant! But it came out decent.) I tend to think about the past, his birth and first year, etc. But, when Kevin and I were out to lunch alone Monday, we discussed briefly, the future of the boys. It seems Kian has inherited my not so athletic ability, but easy smarts. Karter, we both agree, seems to have inherited Kevin's natural athletic ability, that sports will come easy to him, and we'll see if he will love school or hate it. I think I avoid thinking too much about the future because I don't want my boys to grow up so fast! But, it happens anyways. I love this age, all the new words, the new abilities they learn and things they realize they can do. Karter is talking non-stop, just like his brother, my ears never get a rest. He's using some good sentences lately (mommy, where baby kitten at?, no shake me Windsor!, etc.). He definitely tries to keep up with Kian, and usually does, in pretty much everything! I love how they're playing together now. It's so fun to watch and makes my heart happy to see them being nice and sweet and together on something.

I love two, so I hope it's a great year for us and Karter, because 3 is usually a difficult year and I'll be dreading it ;) Happy second birthday Karter.

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babyfood said...

Happy Birthday Karter! At just turned two, they seem so grown up at some moments, definitely not babies, and then they cry for milk in the middle of the night and you realize they ARE still babies. I want to hang onto that--time is flying!