Conversations with Kian--the older brother story

While we were eating Kevin's birthday dinner (pizza of course) I told Kevin about our day. I was telling him how Karter opened the childproof cupboard lock and got a bottle of Excedrin, which he then also undid the childproof lock. I said that Kian never did that sort of thing when he was 2, that he could sit in the bathroom quietly with toys while I showered and never touch the medicine that was in an unlocked drawer next to him, never had to worry. Kian, eating his pizza, suddenly pipes up with quite the story.

"Yeah, when I was a baby I just played with my toys. I didn't get into things. I played with my toys and my older brother sometimes took my toys away. Sometimes he was mean and took my toys and I was sad."

Me: You have an older brother?
Kian: Yeah.
Kevin: What's his name?
Kian: Karshar

(Trying not to laugh out loud by now.)

Me: I never knew you had an older brother.
Kevin: Where is he now?
Kian: Canada.
Kevin: Oh, what's he do there? Does he hunt beavers?
Me: Or, play hockey?
Kian: Yeah he feeds and hunts beavers.
Kevin: So, Karshar lives in Canada? Who does he live with?
Kian: His parents.
Me: Who are his parents?
Kian: Kershala and Gershala.

Laughter cannot be contained now. Kian is still serious.

Kevin: Which one is the dad?
Kian: Gershala. Kershala is the mom.

After dinner we went out to pen up the chickens and he continued his story about his older brother Karshar. I asked how old his brother was. He said, he was really old, old, old, almost died. I said, well, how old is that? 14. Yeah, that's sooooo old. he also informed me that Karshar is sometimes not so nice and teases him sometimes. He couldn't quiet inform me how Karshar is his brother when he has different parents and lives in Canada though. I guess we have an imaginary son/brother. =)

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