Not my finest parenting moment

Yesterday, Kian was being a stinker when my sister was here. After being told something a few times, I set him on the stairs-the time out spot. He got up a couple times, so I put him back there. After it was done, I was processing with him and said "Kian, do you know why you were in time out?" He says "I don't know." I started to talk then stopped, and asked again, "Kian, why were you in time out?" He's not paying much attention now. I poked my head into the living room and whisper yelled "Kourtney! Why did I put him in timeout?" haha! I just couldn't recall and it was getting pointless now. She reminded me because he threw something I asked him not to, or something similar. I just gave him a quick "listening" pep talk of 2 sentences and let it go. Next time, I'll have to really pay attention or just forgo the timeout. sheesh.

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