Conversations with Kian and Karter

Kian: Mom these are my escape artist shoes.
Me: Your what?
Kian: My escape artist shoes. My feet slip out and my shoes escape!

Karter (at 10pm): TV! TV on!
Me: No! It's bedtime!
Karter: Mean old man, mommy.
Me: What??
Karter: Mean old man, mommy!! Get new one.
Me: Get a new what?
Karter: New mommy!

Kian: I am going to make the Christmas gift lists. What for Paul? How about hunting boots? (Draws a boot)
Me: Well...Paul doesn't hunt.
Kian: Well, he can. He can hunt for warthogs, wild hogs and turkeys for making turkey bacon.
Me: ...Okay...
Kian: Now, he needs a gun. How do you spell gun? (Sounds it out, writes G-U-N)
Me: Yeah...if you say so ;)

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