Exciting reruns

I admit that I didn't think that living through all the baby and toddler accomplishments and milestones for a second time, wouldn't be that thrilling. But, guess what? It IS still as exciting and fun the second time around. The crawling, walking, was fun, and expected. This toddler stuff, the conversations he comes up with though, are entertaining and so much fun.

I remember Kian as this same age, just over 2 years old, because I really thought of him in depth as he became a 'big' brother. It's interesting to see Karter in a different light, because he's a different person, but also because he's not on the verge of becoming a big brother (no, not yet, despite what Kian and I hope for!) so he still has time to be that "baby". He knows he's still small enough and adorable enough to ask for skittles after each potty trip. And to snuggle in with mama, twisting my hair and making his big blue eyes just so, to get to stay up later.

But, he is making sure we all know he is not a baby. His favorite thing to say is "I not baby, Kian a big boy, I a little boy". So true. His second favorite, and most often heard phrases are: Me do this, and No me! He wants to keep up with everything Kian does. He scales counters and playground equipment like nothing. This week, he decided he did not want to be dressed any longer. So, he taught himself how to get dressed. Underwear, pants, undershirt, shirts, socks, babylegs, shoes, everything. He just decided it and it was done. I was pretty impressed. I didn't think I'd be impressed as I was watching my firstborn accomplish such things, but nope, still very much impressed! Also, impressive was his choice of outfit today: not one, not 2, but THREE pairs of babylegs (two football and one fire truck) on each leg. Thomas pj shirt, no pants. And he refused to let us help him put each pair on. The first time I've seen his legs look chubby!

When Karter is mad at me, he calls me "mean old man mommy!" No idea where he got that from! It's hard to not laugh at that one. He's learned the word 'stupid', which is so bad, and he knows how to use it appropriately. He also uses it as a term of endearment--'thank you stupid mommy'. Um, no! Ignoring it is the only thing that works, seriously, even acknowledging it makes it 100 times worse.

Watching Kian and Karter play and interact, just gets better every day. They can actually play for a long time, creating scenes and plots and dialogue. It's wonderful to watch, and sometimes they even let me in. He's very much his own person, with likes and dislikes apart from the rest of us (can we say peanut butter every hour of the day? tractors and hair!) and is full of it and definitely lets us know what he wants and when and how. He's joining Kian's "baby sister bandwagon" and even wanted to bring our friends' new baby home with us last week. But, he's still the little boy for now (don't call him a baby!) and we're enjoying watching his new milestones and conversations develop, as his own, apart from Kian's accomplishments, even if they occur at the same age. I know why people want a lot of kids, these are the ages that aer so enjoyable and to think it could be the last time to experience that would be sad! Luckily, it's 3:1 for another baby in this house, poor Kevin.

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