Far too long

It's been awhile. I've missed blogging regularly, but, well, life is happening. Besides the house upkeep, and there's a lot of that, preschool, errands, doing crafts and puzzles with Karter, you know the list that just keeps going. I feel like, I don't have that much to say anymore...sadly. I mean I DO, it's just in my head and by the time I think of some awesome posts, it's vanished. My friends and I fondly call it "baby sucked your brain out and you'll never get it back" aka "baby brain"...I suppose that's shorter.

Almost two full months into this new year and i don't know that I accomplished much of anything yet, that I hoped too. I set goals, not resolutions. But, the exercise and eating less sugar, less carbs/processed junk just hasn't happened yet, again. Being sick with a copule stomach bugs will do that. No, not pregnant. Trust me, not this month anyways, that's my standard answer. =)

I have, however, wandered into some new ventures. Not quite ready to go nuts with that, but picked up some old hobbies again, and perhaps thinking of opening an Etsy shop. (that's www.etsy.com) for those of you who don't know...all handmade or vintage and crafty stuff. It's something I find that I can do for myself, just me, not a kid thing, a shared thing, but a Krysten thing. And if it turns into something that can turn a profit, even a small one, hey-even better! I'm teaching myself some more of the difficult things that go along with this hobby, via free online information, a big bonus, so that I don't have to spend much on it. So, I'll be sure to put it out where, when/if I do that. It'd be nice to have that feeling of 'working' again, in some random way.

Along with my re-found hobby, we're just plugging away at life. Kian is making some friends and we've had play dates this week. This is a whole new thing for me, and let's be honest, I can type a lot and be open, but I dislike meeting new people, I dislike getting to know new people sometimes, i dislike being thrown in a crowd of 15 parents each day at drop off and pick up and feeling shy yet forced to talk and get to know them. Ugh. Kian has about 3 friends he talks about a lot, 2 are girls. We went to the little boys house, and then had another little girl, and her sister who is Karter's age--bonus!, over on Wednesday. I wasn't completely comfortable going to another person's house and worrying how the kids would be, touch, break things, etc. Of course, I went nuts cleaning before Wednesday's girls came here. But, it was great. The kids played so well together, the mom and I sat and chatted so easily and didn't feel we had to even watch the kids closely, like I did at someone else's house. My 4.5 year old is more social than I am, and has a better social life than I do. Not sure how I feel about this!

Thanks to some gift cards we've been able to do some things around the house. We were given a nice, newer window someone was taking out of their home, and put it in the 'gym' room. There were no windows there before, so it's nice to have some natural light in. We painted the dark paneling in the laundry room. It's now a nice pale blue, don't ask me the name. We didn't even have a plan, we just grabbed one at Lowe's and that's how we decided in under a minute. We also found some cheap vinyl tiles, so we will be ripping up the carpet from that room this weekend. We use it as a laundry room/mud room/pet room, so we're just destroying the carpet. It will be easier for me to use a mop on it than try to not get mud in there. After that, we'll take a break from house stuff. Wears me out!

Actually, this whole month has worn me out! Super busy, busier on Kian's school break than regular days. 3 play dates and a day they spent at their grandma's while I visited a friend in the area. My good friend from work is moving to North Carolina. I don't really use "best" friend for people (then I feel like I have favorites? is that okay to have favorites? haha) but Amy's been one of my 'goodest' friends. I've known her since....June of 2004 when I started my service coordinator job at Catholic Family center. There was a time I thought she hated me, but once my office mate left, Amy and I were friends. I still miss seeing her daily, our chats in our office, the office gossip, all that stuff. And of course she quit work to stay home with her kids AFTER I moved farther away from her, the nerve! Even though we're an hour away, we still keep in touch and get together here and there. So, I'm sad. I feel like I have few really, good, deep friends and usually they leave... like my college roommate Jessica, who was in town, er the country the last couple weeks. I almost killed her with her "I'm coming/I'm not coming" bit, but it was great to see her for a visit with our families, as we haven't seen each other in almost 6 years I think. We had a get together with a lot of new and old friends on Sunday. It was busy, but fun. Then, Jess went back to Syracuse to visit family, before returning to Holland. So, let's just say that Thursday after saying goodbye to my two good friends, and driving past our old house and roads, I was having a rough afternoon. Thankfully, Amy sent me off with her cool touch kleenex! I needed it on the drive back to pick up the boys. I wasn't a pretty sight, and had to pull myself together before going in. I hate change and goodbyes.

But, now, I have some good vacation spots, and good reasons to go. Amy and our friend Casey and his wife are in NC, my grandma, grandpa and uncles are in Florida. Kian's saving every penny in his piggy banks for his Florida trip to "meet my grandma Mcknight and grandpa Lloyd and grandpa McKnight and Lego land". I desperately wish we could just say 'yes!" and go. But, we need to save up for that, and find some good deals. Darn money! I tell ya, this world would be a happier place if it wasn't so dang expensive.

Money, money, money. Waiting on taxes so we can pay taxes, it's an odd irony that annoys me. Maybe I should tell my federal return to go right to Canandaigua's town tax department? Wonder if they'd do that? Oh, and I had to spend some money on Pickles the cat. The cat that the vet told us was a girl and magically one day was a boy. Yeah, that cat. Thank you God that the price they quoted me for his neuter surgery was not what they made me pay. I waited as long as I could, but he was attacking poor Gingy and I can't have kittens being born now, here, and trying to find homes, we're trying to be responsible pet owners here. So, I did it and thankfully, when I picked him up, they billed me $35 less than what they quoted. Oh happy day! And he's left Gingy alone, and has been a bit more affectionate, not much, but not getting all mad if we touch him, like before. And yes, for those counting, 4 cats, 7 chickens, at least a dozen fish (Kevin's, yet I get stuck feeding them daily) and just one dog. Windsor baby left us towards the end of January, for another family. I hope he's doing great, he was last time I checked. A friend of a friend was looking for a dog and hooked us up. It was too much for me to keep handling. There, I admitted it. I failed at child/animal/housekeeping juggling act. I miss sweet Windsor but also know he's probably the king of the castle there, no jealousy with sharing attention with Finn. It's easier here at night and in the morning with only one dog to let in and out and feed. The boys only asked the first few days for Windsor, and then haven't brought it up again. I think it was best for all involved, even the dog.

So, that brings you all up to speed on my not very interesting life. Someday soon I shall have more deep thoughts and recipes and words of enlightenment. But, tonight, I am only a tired housewife, looking forward to a (free via giftcard) dinner with my husband tomorrow night because my kids will be at my mom's house. Off to bed with me, before I make anymore seriously long run-on sentences!

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