Conversation with Kian and Karter

While getting into the shower the other day, Karter was with me in the bathroom and says "You a popotamus?" I said, "no, why? I'm not a hippopotamus." He says "you popotamus. you have popotamus butt!" Um, thanks kid! That's why I worked out again this morning, and he obviously believes I still have a hippopotamus butt, as he was yelling "push! one more! is it burn yet?" haha!

Karter is just like Kourtney and cannot stand his socks being on sideways or even slightly twisted. I remember her always taking off her shoes and realigning her tights and socks so the toe seam was just right and straight. He's the same way! "twists! fix it!" ahh.

Kian, was having great manners at dinner and I complimented him on it. He answers, "yes, I am being a man. I'm doing what daddy and men do."

Me: Karter, who do you want to pray for?
Karter: girls.
Me: Girls? what girls?
Karter: big girls.
Me: Where are big girls?
Karter: in the hole, in there (pointing to his bedroom wall)
Me: you have girls in a hole in your bedroom wall?? (laughing hysterically) every man's dream eh?

Kian: Gingerbread! Use your manners! Pickles, say your sorry to Gingy. (Apparently they weren't being too polite at meal time haha)

And another time, chasing Gingy around the house, Kian says "Gingy! I'm your hero! Gingerbread! I'll be your hero!"

Kian: here Karter, you were nice to me so you can use my leapster. <3

And: Karter, I will read you a book for nap today. double <3

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