Girls in the hole in the wall saga continues

Karter must have a really great imagination. I choose to believe this, over anything weird and scary. =) The other day when he said he wanted to p ray for the girls, then pointed and told me they were in the hole in the wall. Okay...

Tonight, I again, asked him who he wanted to pray for, again it was the the the wall. Hmm. I did some more investigating, like this:

Me: Are the girls big or little like you?
Karter: little like you
Me: How did they get in the wall?
Karter: djen (that's what it sounded like, I have no idea!)
Me: Who put the girls in the wall?
Karter: kids
Me: Kids put girls in a hole in the wall? Ooookay!
Me: What do the girls do?
Karter: ball!
Me: They must be little to play soccer in the wall.
Karter: yeah.
Finished covering the boys up, said goodnight and went to leave the room.
Karter: goodnight girls in hole!
Me: You want me to say goodnight to the girls in the hole in the wall?
Karter: yesh, good night girls.
Me: Uh...good night the the wall....

Uh huh... He also played that he was a puppy all afternoon, I named him Ruffy. He and Kian thought it was great fun. I do not let this child watch dateline or Law and Order SVU or anything, to get these weird ideas from.

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