Busy bees

Always a busy house, but lots going on lately. We had been contemplating covering the pool with a floor for a bit now. We just don't use it, it's great for the kids, but for us adults, it was kind of shallow, and for us right now the expense of heating the room and the pool for sporadic use, just wasn't happening. Well, that plan got set into motion when Kourt decided to make some housing changes and needed a place to go. With her dogs. On short notice. Enter, pool room.

So for the last few weeks, we've been busy building a floor, touching up trim, washing walls, laying floor, moving blinds from other areas, to cover the glass doors, etc. Three days washing the walls was some intense physical labor ahhh. Up and down the step ladder, up and down bending into the bucket and scrubbing so hard. My body was beat up. We still have a bit of floor to finish and a couple other small things, replacing a light, etc. but will be ready for her soon. We also integrated her big kennel to ours, so we have a long, large kennel for all the dogs, with some gravel and pallets, etc. They will be happy when they need to be in there. However, our budget and bank account are not liking this remodel. ahhhh. But, having a "tenant" will help for sure to pay off Lowe's, or maybe I should just get a part time job there! Yikes!

Our chickens have been going nuts with this weather, when it's warm and sunny they just want to be outside. However, they fly out of all their pens and wander into the neighbors' yards and that means grumpy neighbors, soooo...we need to figure out something else. Egg laying is back up to 6-7 per day with the sunlight hours extended again.

Kian has been practicing for his preschool "recital" program, coming up this Friday. It's a nursery rhyme program and he said it once for me, and then refuses to say it again here. He tells me he practices it at school with the teacher and other kids, we'll see how it goes. I totally see him freezing up and not saying it, into the microphone, in front of all the parents. Well, at least that's what I would do! Crowds, yuck.

Karter's latest tragedy: Not being able to read. Oy vey. He, of course, always wants to do whatever Kian does. Well, now that Kian is reading books, Karter wants to also. He pretends he can, then gets mad and says "I can't do it, I can't read, tell me words". Then I try to tell him some easy words but he wants to do it himself, a vicious cycle. I dislike the flashcard method of teaching kids to read and Kian taught himself mostly by phonetics, so, I don't know. We'll just keep reading and looking at letters and words. This also, is in about every area of life, meltdowns because he can't do what Kian does, or we do. Sigh. The sad life of a 2.5 year old.

In other news, despite being poor and broke, I'm looking to take the boys to Florida to meet the family there, who I haven't seen since my wedding 8.5 years ago, nor have the boys met any of them. Terrible sentence structure, I know. Oh well. I'm trying to be creative about finding the resources to do this. Driving would be cheaper, but with 2 kids under 5, I don't know how realistic that would be. It would mean a lot of stops and pottying and stretches, and that means that the trip would take forever to go down and come back. So, flying would be the most practical...except for the budget. But, if I let that always stop it, it'd never happen. I am finding things to sell and other ways to trim here and there and the boys keep saving up every quarter for their "Florida trip to meet my Florida grandma" hehe. Also, we haven't had a true vacation since our honeymoon. 2 nights camping isn't exactly a vacation, fun yes, but too short. Last year's Atlantic city trip was kind of a bust, again just 2 days. I need a break from some of the stress that's been going on for the last few years =)

We're preparing for Easter. Wondering how brown eggs will turn out in the dye? Interesting, I'm sure. Easter with the minimum candy due to Karter's reactions from the past few weeks he's had chocolate and sugar and dairy and eggs and ahhh. Someday perhaps he'll outgrow a lot of this, but for now, we're back to detoxing from dairy and sugar and chocolate, etc. Kian's class went to Quail Summit assisted senior living the other day and had a great time. I admit, I was not thrilled, having to bring Karter, pick Kian up from school after an hour, then bring him there and let's not talk about the fact I am still traumatized from when I was 5 years old, or so, and the church kids went to sing to the nursing home residents and I had cookies thrown at me/us. Longest run-on sentence. Oops again. But, it was a good time, albeit sugared up again. They read stories with the residents, paired up with a senior to find eggs, then had cookies, cupcakes and more chocolate. Ahh. Nap time didn't really happen that day. All this stuff makes Karter not be able to sleep, betting everything on it causing more reflux to occur with these trigger foods. Blah. Oh well, we'll work it out. Kian s really getting the real meaning of Easter and is very graphic and into it. He has asked me to draw Jesus on the cross a few times this week.

Now, I promise to post some pictures that I haven't done in ages. Next time.


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