Markers, misalignment, and misadventures of Karter

Karter's still on those "girl(s) in the wall". Last night he informed me that they sleep and play basketball in the wall. Hmm.... imaginary friends eh? Of course Kian had to get in on the deal and claim he has boys playing soccer in his wall. boys.

Karter definitely keeps us on our toes, waaaaay more than Kian did at age 2. He's constantly climbing into everything, getting into everything, he's kind of insane. Today, he wanted me to cut him more cantaloupe. He got the rest of the melon out of the fridge, put it on the table and then I turn around in my chair at the table, and he almost stabbed me with a huge butcher knife in the face, because, obviously, I needed a knife to cut it, and he climbed up on the counter to get it out of the knife block. ahh, seriously kid?!

This morning, after breakfast, the boys were coloring at their little table. (I have kids table set up in the kitchen next to the big one, that always has crayons, paper and coloring books on it, easy access for them.) They were using their new markers. Usually, this is no big deal. They use them fine all the time. I picked up from breakfast and went up stairs to get the laundry to throw in the washer. I came downstairs to find
Yep. He was being a "hoodie ninja". He apparently needed a ninja mask, that black hat wasn't cutting it. Thankfully, all markers are washable and came right off with water. Kian even gave him a "hoodie ninja tattoo" on his back in blue. Lovely. Like, 70 seconds upstairs. Creative, smart, and fast. Sheesh.

Monday he decided to be his usually crazy, fearless self, by climbing on my bed (where I had dumped 2 baskets of clean laundry and was folding it) then climbing onto the laundry basket. As he's standing on it, at least 4 feet off the ground, I started to say that he should be careful and get off the laundry basket. That moment, where you know what's going to happen, and it starts happening, but you can't do anything about it. Sure enough, he fell off, and since my side of the bed is about 2 feet from the wall, he flew back, whacked his head on the wall and dropped straight down...onto the baseboard heating...on his back. Ahh! He was in serous pain and really freaking out. Head-fine, spine-not. Immediately it was already huge and purple by the time I got to him. Right on the spine, on his lower back. We iced it for a good while. The lump subsided, but still swollen and bruised and he kept complaining it hurt.

I debated calling the pediatrician, I figured their answer would be to drive up there (45 mins as I haven't switched yet) with possible x-rays, or they'd say to do what I already was doing (icing it, arnica cream for the bruising, swelling and pain, and tylenol). Then, I remembered Kevin just told me he knew a chiropractor. A traumatic fall to the spine definitely means it's out of alignment. Better option, as it was only ten minutes from our house in Victor. Also, I had toyed with the idea of taking Karter to a chiro for oh...about 2 years now. So, so, so glad I did.

Some people think chiropractors are kind of kooky, or just for back pain, but I have heard a lot of success stories, and had a great experience with them fixing a lot of my pregnancy ailments and made me have a super easy, fast labor. (I have a problem with run on sentences on my blog, sorry.) Well, with Karter's sleep, digestion, reflux issues, I know a lot of people say chiropractic adjustments can be helpful. I really liked the chiro and we had a good discussion about a lot of things, as well as the injury to the spine/back. He said Karter was "off" in some critical areas for sleep and reflux. He adjusted him in the neck, and all down the spine. Karter laid, facedown, on the table, completely relaxed while it was done. The trauma to the spine and back are just superficial and mostly intense bruising and soreness. We will ice it and continue the arnica cream, and then some heat maybe to keep it loose. The doctor said that he wouldn't be surprised if Karter slept well later that night.

I'm a believer. Karter didn't nap, which sometimes makes him go to bed great, or makes it worse. I put him to bed at 7pm. He didn't get up. He didn't wake up til 7:15am. Amazing. Okay, coincidence? Today he only had a short nap, about a half hour. I put him to bed at 7:30, again, he hasn't gotten up once. No coming downstairs, no running crazy, no asking for more food, no hyper silliness. It works.

Some of the things we talked about were that the misalignment in specific areas can bother reflux, digestion, which can also lead to not being able to sleep or settle. Another thing the chiro mentioned was that people who can't settle down to sleep are usually low in alkalinity in their bodies, could be due to the digestion issues, not being absorbed well. He was speaking my language. It was as if he knew Karter's history. I told him how Karter 's stool samples had shown high acidity (aka low alkalinity), that he had shown malabsorption problems as well, etc. I told him how I had long thought that Karter's fast birth (labor exactly one hour from when they broke water to get it started, til he was out) and somewhat traumatic delivery (out in 5 minutes, severe bruising, ie injury) was hard on him, more than we knew and that he should have been treated/aligned right away. He agreed that a quick labor and delivery like that does make the bones pop out of place in the neck, shoulder, spine, etc. Ugh, maybe we could have avoided some of this stuff over the past 2 years. Oh well, either way, we're addressing it now. We will be going back next week to just make sure the back and spine have healed well and that he can do another adjustment with the swelling gone.

I think I'm going to have him put my hip put back in place, so I can stop having fire nerve shocks down my leg. Sigh.

Lesson learned: don't let Karter play with markers unsupervised even for 60 seconds. Keep laundry baskets on the floor so children can play with them there instead of on the high bed. Chiropractors are magic and an answer to prayer. My boys are crazy, silly, oh so fun, and tiring =)

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