Karter started to sneeze but it never happened. "Mommy my bless yous didn't come out". 

"Kian, I told you..." is another one I'm hearing a lot.

He crawls in our bed early every morning. He rolled over yesterday, says "mommy I'm going to kiss you on the lips because you love me".  Love him.  Melts me. Too bad I don't get much loving from Kian!

The boys were having a ball war with NeeNee and Karter stops, looks at her and tells her "I won't get you NeeNee, I won't throw balls at you".  Takes a few steps closer and throws them right at her head. Trickery already?!

He's got a little devil laugh when you're trying to discipline him. Real helpful.

If you tell him he can't do something, his automatic answer is "Well, I'm big now, I can."  But when I tell him he's big enough to carry a grocery bag or some other chore suddenly he's "stil l little mommy".  Ahh figured out already! 

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