I seem to have misplaced my patella

Yeah.  That's waht I said.  My patella.  My kneecap.  I had one good knee left.  My right knee was blasted sideways, injuring the MCL, last year.  It still flares up and bothers me.  I should have had it looked at but I don't have insurance.  I don't think MRI's are as cheap as grocery cash I keep in my wallet.  I was grateful for my good knee. 

Too bad Finn didn't appreciate that.  I was in a hurry to him and Kourt's dogs out of the kennel Thursday night.  I usually make them sit, or at least not stand in front of the kennel door when I open it.  Four dogs flying out can be pretty rough.  Most of all Finn.  Well, I didn't do those things.  He blasted his hard forehead right into my left kneecap.  I all I knwo is one second I flip the gate handle and the next second I'm seeing stars, shearing, shooting, stabbing pain, can't stand. I feel something hit, movve, stick, I try to shake it and it moves again, and I hear and feel this huge pop. It went out and then back in. But, in the few seconds it happened, I thought I was dying. Like, worse than labor.  Honest.  I crumpled to the ground, screaming and crying in pain.  Kevin didn't hear me, finally Karter comes out, but can't get back in to let Kevin know to come out. Skeet, Kourt's dog (finn's daddy) is upset by my screaming and crying and trying to lick me and "help".  I finally crawl over to the kennel and pull myself up by the chain link fence, and Kevin finally comes out and sees my plight, takes pity, puts dogs away and carries me in.

I spent the rest of the night on the couch with ice. It's not as painful, doesn't hurt too much now, but it's super swollen and the pressure of the swelling and fluid on the nerves is almost painful. But, I can't just lay around and not do anything, so it keeps getting swollen again, then becoming painful agian.  I hate not having insurance. Ugh. Pretty sure I didn't tear anything but still not cool.  Going to get a PT eval for free with the department at Kevin's gym in a few days, hopefully get some help and get it fixed up, or figure out what I should do or need to do. Ahh!  Bad knees run in this family too.  Now Dad and I and Kourt all match with our knee braces!

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