Pillow surprises

Karter likes to hide things. He likes to sleep with things. He likes to hide things under his pillow and sleep with them, on them. Not so comfy I don't think, especially since he only sleeps on a pillow pet. This morning I found: a lego knight man, 3 plastic army guys, brown bear board book, a barrel of monkeys, 2 hard plastic dinos (stegosaurus and brachiosaurus, just in case you wanted to know) and a batman figure. Um ouch. Yes, that game, a barrel of monkeys was under his pillow this morning.

Also under there has been: a screw, a nut, a bolt, a pretzel, 5 lego men, several books, 3 batmans and 2 robins, plastic tools, a window handle (to turn and open window) nerf darts, and I can't even begin to remember what else. Always a surprise in the morning.

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