3 on the 3rd

Apologies for my poor blogging lately. Expect a few forthcoming blogs this week with interesting info...or not.

Monday, Labor day (how appropriate) Karter turned three. Three! My baby is three already. Holy cow. I now, no longer have a toddler, but a preschool age and a school age child. Wow. Time flies for sure, when kids keep you busy. I'm having some strong baby fever now that I am completely done with diapers and all things "baby".

Yep, that's right. No more diapers at all. Karter has been potty trained for almost a year (last November) and only in diapers at night. Over the last few months he has wanted to be done wearing diapers at night. I kept telling him, if he could stay dry a few nights, then i wouldn't put them on him. He kept saying when he was three he wouldn't need them anymore. He'd have a dry night here or there, but lots of really wet ones too. About 2 weeks ago he told me that he wasn't peeing in the diapers at night. But, he was taking them off himself and throwing them away. I didn't check, until I went to empty his garbage for the week, on Monday, that there was a week's worth of DRY, pee-free diapers in there. All of them. I took the one off him, and yep dry. So, buh-bye diapers. No accidents at all this week. I anticipate there will be a few here and there, he's just three after all. Kian was just over 4 when we finally got rid of them. I'm so happy, for him because he feels like such a big boy lately and to not have to buy diapers at all. Of course, it was the day after I bought a new package...

Karter is enjoying being "sree". At first, I told him he wasn't born until 7:30pm, so he kept saying "No, I'm still two, tonight I will be 3". He is still snuggly, loving my hair, his thumb and his pillowpet. He hasn't napped since just before Easter, which is fine, because he goes to bed right around 7 and sleeps until7 or 8am.

He's silly, saucy little imp. He keeps up with Kian and anyone else no problem. Attitude is coming out more and more lately, and is sometimes funny but equally annoying. The things he says and does are hilarious at times. Which has made it so that most people in his life just give in to him all the time, and leave me to break that cycle. Sigh. He says the funnies things, his best friend is Kiela, my sister's dog. He was "texting" her on an old play cell phone today. I informed him that Kiela is a dog and can't text. His answer was "Okay, I'll just call her" and proceeded to have a conversation with her apparently. He was not happy she wasn't here and was away with Aunt NeeNee. Sometimes deciphering what he's saying is tricky as his f's and other sounds don't come out great yet. Finn is Sin, and when he says 'sunny' I'm left trying to figure out if that's really sunny or really funny?

He loves the cats and Finn, and Kiela. He is gentle with them most of the time, more so than Kian usually. But, pretty rough and tumble otherwise. Jumping off several stairs, climbing on top of the swing set and all the playground equipment with ease. Not to make many predictions, lest they become expectations, but he's definitely our athletic child. Running, soccer kicks and moves, baseball seem to come so easy to him. Kian was blessed with his mother's ability it seems, but that can change! Karter's not as interested in letters and numbers as Kian was at this age, but surprised me the other day with how much of the alphabet he does know, and by sounds. For some reason, he doesn't like the number 5 and leaves it out every time he counts.

When we asked Karter what he wanted for his birthday, his answer always was "a real peanut butter sandwich". Like I usually give him fake ones? Then he asked me for a new crochet blanket. The one he had, my grandma made for Kian, and he's outgrowing it, as it doesn't cover him as much as he'd like. I naively assumed I could make one in the few days before his birthday. Ha! It's a week later and I have just under half of it completed. I forgot to add in household chores, day to day routines, meals and childcare, you know the usual things that interrupt my hobby time. He picked out the colors when I took him to Joann's. He originally wanted orange and yellow and I just couldn't do that. So, he went with blue and yellow, and a yarn that is mixed blue/white/yellow to offset them all. Being my first blanket project, I'm pleased with how it's going thus far.

Part of me is enjoying this stage of no diapers and independence in both boys and the age of being able to do so much more. But, they both insist they want a baby sister, and I'm inclined to agree...

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