Family day at Seabreeze

Today, we spent the day at Seabreeze! The amusement park here in Rochester, with plenty of water rides, and kid activities. It was kind of a "family-we-haven't-done-anything-all-summer", mixed with "it's-almost-Karter's-birthday-and-we-don't-need-anymore-toys" deal. Seriously, we don't need anymore toys in this house, it's about to explode!

Jon and Kourtney went with us, and we had a blast! The boys are both big enough to do many of the rides, and actually enjoy the water slides. At Legoland in Florida, Karter was too short for a lot of the rides. He apparently grew and inch or two in the last 2 months, as he is now 36 inches (okay, half an inch might be the spiky hair) and meets the minimum limits for the rides. He was only bummed about missing two-the big bumper cars (which was happily replaced by the kiddie thunderbird track) and the kid's rollercoaster.

Kian went on the big swings, and Karter was happy to go on the kid's swings. They both enjoyed airplane rides, water slides, wave pool, train rides, and much more. It was so much fun now that Kian was big enough for almost all the adult rides too. He was so thrilled. Seeing their happy, grinning faces, was awesome. Pure joy, as they got on and off the rides, shooting water guns, enjoying junk food, courtesy of Aunt NeeNee, and all that amusement park stuff. You could just see the memories being made and banked.

Having the 2 other adults with us was great as well. Kevin and Jon could do the crazier rides if they wanted-or Kourt and Jon. There was always a person to go with a child who needed an adult rider, or take the smaller one to the kiddie rides. Or extra hands and eyes for bathrooms and running through the park. And, we picked a great day. A mid-week, cooler, but dry, day meant less people, cheaper tickets and coupons (thanks NeeNee for birthday contributions to the tickets!) and much shorter lines, without sweating all day long.

It ended with the boys coming home, eating a salad and going to bed. Perfect! It was a great success. Kian already asked that next year, this be his birthday gift as well.

Oh-and Kourtney got me to go on the Jack Rabbit....once. No, I didn't open my eyes.

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