Ch-ch-changes, and a guest post

Lots of changes going on and coming up. Changes for us personally, us as a family, schoolwise, housewise, finances, etc. on and on. We have had so many discussions and made so many lists and comparisons, about lots of things in our lives, that we have filled up a complete notebook. One of the things we decided was to not send Kian to school this year; and for a lot of reasons, this will end up being a good thing, as other changes would have greatly affected him being in school. So, we will be doing school at home this year, which will be good until we know the end of the changes, when and where they will be... They're not necessarily bad changes, good ones, that will make our lives easier. I know, I know, very vague...I will tell more as I know more and as things continue moving forward.

But, today, both nerve-wracking and exciting-my first guest post on my college friend Jen's blog! You can view it later today at: New mom, New city.

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