Winding down when we're just getting started.

Summer is supposed to be relaxing, right? Sun and fun and beaches and the sort of stuff? Ha! Hardly. Even though I am 'at home', it's been very busy. We're just winding down now, at the end of the summer, when the boys and I are revved up for summer fun stuff, the rest of the world is closing it down.

I did a mental checklist and realized immediately after Kian ended preschool at the end of May, I began babysitting. That babysitting meant a lot of driving around to pick up and drop off a child at his own preschool programs. Then, when that ended I watched some more kids off and on, and one child continuously through the summer. While that was happening, my dad had his knee surgery and stayed here so we could help him, as he could not go up the stairs to his second story apartment. He left this morning. I think everyone was needing to get back to their own routines, but we will miss him. The boys already think he's coming back tomorrow. Even though he wasn't supposed to do stairs yet, tsk tsk. The babysitting has ended also.

Today, it's just me and the boys. That hasn't happened in months! I think they're at a loss now too, because they're not sure what to do today. I cleaned the house and had a lot of things to do online and paperwork wise, that needed attending. We haven't really left the house too much except to play chauffeur, or to get groceries, etc. I finally took the boys to the market and museum on Tuesday. We haven't had any beach days or day trips, and camping didn't happen like we had hoped. Partly, the cost and trying to be very conservative and careful with our budget, partly the time and availability.

Karter's third birthday is coming up soon. Already?! He is requesting a "strawberry McQueen cake". I will see what I can do about that. Interestingly, Kian wanted a McQueen cake on his third birthday also. When asked what he wants to do, he said 'go to seabreeze'. So, we will try to make that happen. I'm burnt out of kid parties and trying to finagle family and friends and kids on one day. It's a lot of people, preparation, etc. and people always end up annoyed that they can't watch him open gifts, or too much whatever. Karter only has one special friend so far, so no sense in doing a kid party. My plan is to celebrate Kevin and Karter's birthday with the in-laws at some time between those dates. Then, we will do something special for Karter with him on his day, and he can see my side a different time. Nothing special, but easy for me, and we'll let him choose something fun to do.

Of course, now that I have free time and can go places, the weather is cooling off for the week. But, that allows me to get things done inside, like can 16 jars of pickles yesterday. Maybe we will make salsa this weekend as well. I feel all "discombobulated", the usual things we do for summer have not happened, and now it's almost a new season and it's like we are way behind playing catch up! Probably wont' happen, but we'll just make fall even more fun and interesting!

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