Morning musings

Of course I forgot to mention that Karter got hand foot and mouth disease a week ago, and we had a big grill fire on the 4th of July that destroyed our nice big grill. July was pretty busy, intense month. I'm ready for August and hoping it calms down a bit! We haven't been able to do much of anything. Yes, the boys and I did go on a vacation in June, but I was hoping to do some summery things, like camping for a weekend, or day trips to Stonybrook or somewhere similar, that kind of thing. Oh well.

We're keeping busy with outside activities, gardening, Kian reading everything like crazy and preparing for ice hockey in the fall. More like he is preparing us for allowing him to go. We shall see. Kian went to Vacation Bible School this past week. He enjoyed it, but it was at night so he got to bed a lot later than usual. That with dad being here, other stuff going on, running around a lot, kids were tired and crabby, we were all a bit out of it and snippy. This week already has shaped up better. We got more sleep this weekend and just laid low, hung out around the house, watching Olympics and fishing in the pond.

I'm trying to work on some projects, especially since fall isn't that far off, and that means Christmas isn't that far off either... I have some ideas and crafts I want to make, and try to sell if I can. But, trying to find time to make crafts when I have house, kids, animals and etc. to take care of is tricky!

Random observation: Since we cut Kian's hair, he's looking more like Kevin and less like me. His features are becoming more angular and his little body is so thin and muscular. Karter, on the other hand, is not looking much like Kevin at all anymore. This weekend he reminded me more of my brother Patrick when he was small.

I don't think I posted any FL trip pictures have I? Hmm... I'll get to that sometime...

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