Out of the mouth babes, er, my boys

While walking thru Mendon Ponds Park, Kian tuns to me and Kourtney and says, "I have something to tell you, I'm sorry I'm not normal, but I won't ever be normal".  We looked at each other and both said, "well, that about sums it up".  Yep.

Listening to the newest Kip Moore song in the car, Karter goes "Mommy, can I have some beer money?"   Fantastic kid. Out of all the words to that song the only ones you picked up was 'beer money'.

"Karter is making me his slave, like the Egyptians did to Moses and his people." ~Kian.  (At least I know he's retaining the information!)

"Mommy the music is in your body! It's in your knees!"~ Karter.  I wish I had music in my body, this white girl can't dance!

"When I eat, my food goes down my mouth.  It goes down, down down, (pointing from throat to belly) and then it goes down to my knee and all the way here (touches big toe) down to my toes.  Then...it goes back up here (points to stomach) and out...out my...out my..hiney!" ~ Karter

Kian is laying on the cat bed I just made, meowing.  I asked him what his cat name was. He answered "meow".  I said that wasn't very original.  "Meow Daniel Glor then" he says.

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Robin said...

I love reading these posts! They are so funny!