Native American week (Nov 11-16)

Fema "clay" beads and other assorted things, in wampum colors of course

After baking, hard and strung on some hemp rope

Karter made lots of 'worms' and Kian made the large round, flat snail on the right side

Coloring symbols for the stick game

Karter and his rain symbols on his stick

Sun, lightning, rain and direction arrows

Karter demonstrating how to play the game: drop/throw the sticks, and depending on which way they land, which symbols face up, you get points or none or more turns, etc.

I didn't have any dried out, hollowed out gourds laying around to make real Native American music shakers...

November usually means turkey and Pilgrims and Indians (Native Americans) and Thanksgiving.  So, we went with it. Each year on November 11th, along with being Veteran's Day, it's also the anniversary/commemoration of the Canandaigua Pickering Treaty.  I don't pretend to know a lot. My mother in law is very involved with the committee and Treaty day events and we get a lot of information from her.  We took the boys down to see the arts and crafts fair, with all the Native-made pieces, posters, earrings, beaded everything, musical instruments (flutes, drums) ribbon shirts, and so much more.  It was really neat to see. We didn't stay to watch them march from the school to the courthouse on Main street, where the treaty was originally signed.  Nor did we stay for the speeches, we knew they wouldn't handle that....neither would Kevin, as it was football day.  We watched pow-wows and music on youtube, read some informative books, etc.  Karter's favorite part was that they wore/wear deerskin.  He still talks about it and asks where we can buy some to wear. ha!

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