Kian and Karter: on babies and marriage

At breakfast this morning Kian informed me we will be having twin girls in the future, followed by another boy that will be born on his birthday.  I informed him: good luck, almost guarantee that won't happen. 

Karter chimed in, stated that he will have "8 kids, no girls, only boys".  I told him to have fun with that and he needed to find a good wife who will have 8 kids, especially 8 boys with him. He said he will have the kids and live with daddy. Oh no, you need a wife and your own house. 

"I don't know how to find a wife" he says. I told him that when he's grown up he will find a girl he likes so much he can marry her and buy a house and have his 8 kids.  Kian adds "well first you have to get a job, and maybe live in an apartment or at home until you have money for your house with your wife."  True. 

"Yeah and then you and daddy can babysit all my 8 kids" Karter says. um, good luck with that...we may be on some vacations...

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smart kids