Poor forgotten blog in a busy season

Poor, forgotten blog. Well, it wasn't forgotten, just the last thing on my list.  A lot has been happening in the last couple months. I don't even remember the last time I blogged, so bear with me.

First, we found out #3 will be joining us in November, around thanksgiving time. I'll have to find the pictures of how Karter and I told Kevin, the day before St. Patrick's day.

Second, there was a whole month of morning/all days sickness, that kind of wiped out everything...April was a blur of throwing up, trying not to throw up, gagging at everything, and laying low. Not my finer moments.

In the midst of that, I decided to have a 31 gifts (bags and purses) party in April.  That was a bit rough cleaning the house for that one. Luckily, Kevin has been very helpful. When raw meat made me sick, he cooked it. He emptied cat litter boxes. He helped clean up Karter in the middle of the night after throwing up, knowing it was making me almost puke myself. Just picking up the slack whenI couldn't, and not complaining or noticing when the house was a disaster because I just couldn't get off the couch. For some reason, this pregnancy has been more intense, not as horribly sick as with Karter, just everything more intense. I smell things much more strongly. My gag reflex is so sensitive, coughing triggered vomiting a few times. The fatigue is more than I remember. I always said I wanted 4 kids...but I told Kevin I won't ask for more after this one. Unless it comes without a pregnancy.

We've been working on the house, and yard. There was absolutely no landscaping done here, so a lot is from scratch. There was one bed that was long overgrown and Kevin dug out and is now filling in with lots of plants. Lots of plants from his parents' house, they dug up boxes of them when they moved out a few weeks ago.  And our vegetable garden in in process, some things are planted, others are waiting to go in. Thanks to my dad for tilling it all up.  Hopefully the rabbits leave it alone!

Recently, Kevin's aunt and my dad had stays at the hospital (his aunt's still there) and we're keeping tabs on them. My sister also found her own apartment this past week. We all had been discussing changes, especially when the baby arrives in the fall, and she's got new things on in her life. She was lucky to find a place for a great price, and no issues with dogs. The boys didn't want her to move out, but haven't mentioned it yet, but it's only been a few days. Kevin's parents bought a new house, away from the noisy college after 30+ years, and the boys enjoyed visiting it, and that it backs up to Black Creek Park.

We're always busy with lessons and library and groups. Kian just finished up a group at the YMCA for homeschoolers that met once a week for one hour of gym, an hour of art and an hour of music, then free swim for 1.5 hours for the whole family. We're looking into the fall, as Kian wants to continue at home and it's going well.

Um...I think that's the going ons for the past few months. WE seem to have a busy May and June coming up. Showers, weddings, birthdays, etc. That will make the summer go faster I guess.

There you have it...all caught up..I think.

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