Karter...I have no words...

This boy, he's a trip. But he's a bit weird too. Three and a half, caught between the pull of being mama's baby and being a big boy. Still has sleep issues at times. Still comes in our bed in the middle of the night, at least a few times a week.

The other night he was up (after falling asleep in the car at 5pm) with us, and Kevin and I were talking about him going to bed and telling Karter he needed to get to sleep.  I said something else to Kevin and Karter says to me "that's what you think".  Oy vey.

He also told us the baby's name will be "Window".  And "window fire".  Ok then.

But, that's not the weirdest thing. We have ants. Yeah, that time of year. No matter how much I wipe counters and floors, they appear, a few at a time each week.  I have no idea why or where this came from, but Karter picks one up.  And...he EATS it!!!  ??? What the??  He then proceeded to eat 2 more. He's a freak. Disgusting.  His reasoning?  "I ate them so I could tell you just kidding I didn't, but then I really did."  Um, okay, weirdo. I guess luckily they were the tiny ones and he said he just swallowed them. All I know is that my kids have immune systems made of steel and iron due to these types of antics. Eating mud, putting rocks in their mouths, eating bugs...Sigh.

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Cricket said...

Haha, I love silly boys.